Spoiler Alert: If you are attending The Sydney Quilt Show and would rather wait to see my quilts in real life then save this post for another day. 

I had a great day helping set up the Sydney Quilt Show. It's always wonderful to see everyone pitching in and getting the job done with a smile. The exhibition hall is now full of beautiful quilts and exhibits. 

Usually I like to wait until after the show before showing my quilts because I think seeing photos spoils the surprise, or impact of the quilts for those visiting the show. However this year QuiltNSW is allowing people to share photos on social media as long as the maker/s and designer of the quilt are properly acknowledged. So I thought I'd jump in and show my quilts sooner than later. 

I actually have quite a few quilts and things hanging in different parts of the show so if anyone wants to see all my quilts here's a list of what to look out for and where you can find them. 

For some reason I can't download the photos I took at the show yesterday so these are photos from my archives. I'll share proper photos of the quilts in situ in a future post. 

First up is my Drop of Golden Sun Quilt which is hanging as part of the QuiltNSW Suitcase challenge exhibition.These are all 40cm x 40cm quilts made with the theme Re-cycled, Re-purposed, Re-loved. It's wonderful to see all the different interpretations and especially to see materials re-purposed in creative ways.

QuiltNSW have a wonderful hoop display showcasing different patchwork and quilting techniques. I have two hoops hanging, First up is my Yoyo Bloom.

and my other had to showcase the folded point blocks I love making so much.

On the Bernina stand you'll see my Bernina SuzyQ Flower Girl hanging amongst all the wonderful other Suzy Q panels quilted by quilters around Australia. 
You can stitch your own using the big Q20 machines in their special workshops. Book in at the Bernina stand but book in early, the workshops fill up quickly. 

If you visit the Material Obsession stand you may catch a glimpse of Merry Whizz, though the stand will be an eye dazzling wonderland of amazing quilts, projects and fabrics and you'll be captivating by everything you see there.

My dear friend, Whizz Bang! will be hanging in the Bernina Best Of Australia exhibit. I got to help hang it yesterday, it's always lovely to see a quilt again after time apart. Just a reminder I'll be there between 11-1pm on Saturday and Sunday if you'd like to come and say hello.

As for my Sydney Show Quilt Entries.

Yoyos a la mode, an oldie but one of my favourites. It's on the cover of this years Quilters Companion Diary so I thought it would be fun for all the people who have the diary to be able to see the quilt in real life. 

My other entry is very special to me. I made Zap Zing Zowie for the Textiles Out Of Context art exhibition held in March.  It takes the folded point techniques I've been exploring to a whole different level. I loved every minute of making this quilt. You know how some projects are a joy to work on. I'll chat more about this quilt in the future.

It's interesting that both my entries this year are in solid fabrics. I don't think of myself as someone who works a lot with solids, usually I love using pattern on pattern, but there you go, it goes to show I even surprise myself.  

Well - That's the Rachaeldaisy trail at the Sydney Quilt Show. Talking of which it's time for me to get ready to head to the show. I'll be on the train as the sun is rising. Beautiful views through the trees,  mountain scenes and then down into the vibrant bustling city of Sydney. Another fun and fabulous day awaits...

Just a friendly reminder about sharing photos for those going to the show.
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