By golly the days are really swinging by! 

Before we knew it it was time for another Whizz Bang class at Material Obsession. In each class I teach another method of making folded point blocks. It's interesting to see how many different ways there are to approach the blocks. 

Of course catching up with each others news is an important part of the day. I love how friendships grow from sewing together. 

I had to quickly snap this photo of Danuta. She's an amazing hand sewer and mostly sews her blocks by hand so it rare we see her at the machine.

Heather's blocks have a beautiful glow to them. She's basing her colour choices on colours in nature. It's a beautiful theme and I'm loving seeing her collection of blocks grow.

Helena is our wild child! We love her enthusiastic use of bright colours and lots of Kaffe collective fabrics.

Christina has been busy with her blocks and finishes them into mini quilts and table toppers.  She has mastered the ability to use pattern to create kinetic movement in her work.

She bravely made this giant 35 inch circle for her coffee table. It's just amazing. She fondly calls it "The Pizza". 

We've also thrown this prairie point table center into the mix. This is one I made a few years ago. I know it's not a great photo but if I wait to take a photo this blog post will never happen :) .

I love Danuta's addition of ric rac in her projects. It really adds a graphic interest to this fabulous piece.

Christina's is a shimmer of colour.

Here's another layout I've made. Prairie point geese! When you wave it about they truly fly!

So thank you to all the lovely ladies who come to my classes and impress me with your beautiful work, and make my heart happy with your enthusiasm for fabric fun.


Now for some random photos from my week. A couple of these photos I've shared on my instagram but so my blog friends don't miss out I thought it nice to share them here too. 

I was chopping veggies the other day and was surprised by this fun variety of beetroot

It reminded me of my Wild Thing quilt.

Another fun foodie thing... Pretty quails eggs. We get our veggies delivered from a farm each week. Every time I place an order I order quails eggs but never get them. It's a little joke I have with myself. But last week the box arrived and lo and behold underneath the kale was some speckled treasures. After admiring them for a few days we had them in a salad. Such a treat.

Talking of treats. A lovely friend recently surprised me with a home made baked goodie, a pecan and finger lime muffin. Oh my golly goodness, definitely the best muffin I've ever had. The gnomes thought so too.

Here's a peek into my lounge room. Last Sunday I noticed how pretty the afternoon sunlight looked shining through the window. I'm usually such a busy bee but it was a lovely afternoon to just sit for a while and enjoy the views out our window.

With that I'll wish you a wonderful day and I'll buzz away and get on with my busy bee tasks.