Last Saturday I followed the ocean breeze to Woollongong for a workshop teaching my Ric Rac Razzamatazz quilt to the Illawarra Quilters.

The venue was the Figgy Bowlo. Isn't that a fun name! It's the Bowling Club in Figtree which quite sensibly explains the name. We had a beautiful sun filled room and lots of space for everyone to spread out and work in.  

I arrived early and found a lot of the class had arrived earlier. I loved that enthusiasm!!

Some of the ladies were shy about photos so I'll concentrate more on showing their colourful work rather than their smiles ( these ladies made me laugh all day with their happy ways) and and busy bee ( they really got down to work!) photos.

Lots of cutting resulting in a rainbow of loveliness..

Matching ricrac colours is a big part of the fun.

Gorgeous purples!!

Wonderful play with patterns and colour.

These look good enough to eat!!

especially with this gourmet ric rac.

I love how dynamic these fabric combinations are.

and how wonderfully the red ricrac pop with these blocks!
 The day resulted in a smorgasbord of happy melon blocks.

We had a sassy super star in the class. Her name was Julie Juu and she rode in on a yellow scooter

This wonderful fabric belongs to Roslyn. Her daughter brought it back from South Africa as a gift for her mum. 

It has so many fun and quirky details. 

You can't help but smile at it.

I love that Roslyn wasn't nervous about cutting into it. She grabbed her scissors and went for it. 

A little while later a quilt plan started to emerge.  Stay tuned for more photos as this fun quilt evolves. 

A big hearty thank you Illawarra Quilters!! You ladies are the best!! I loved every moment of our fun and colourful day together.

A few behind the scenes photos now.. 
In preparation for the class I pulled out my ricrac which somehow has turned into a tangled nest. It's funny how that happens...

I sorted through the colourful strands and looking around for something to wind them onto I thought of my vintage playing cards. I've got zillions of these cards so I could easily spare a few. I'm happy to say my trims are now organised and nestled neatly in a tin. 

I also couldn't resist playing with some of the shapes I cut out..

and soon turned them into a flower.

I'm not the only one making flowers out of different things...
I was out walking one morning and at the bottom of my garden I came across this pretty leaf flower. I looked around and there was not a soul in sight. Try as I might there's no other way to explain it other than fairies.  What a lovely garden gift.

Wishing you all a magical week.