Mr Daisy and I enjoy walking when we can. Nothing too monumental. A half an hour brisk walk in the early morning before the working day begins or a more lengthy stroll in the long luxurious summer evenings that make it feel as though there are extra hours in the day. On weekends we venture further afield to find new vistas.

Recently on the way to the supermarket we thought we'd do a quick explore of a track 5 minutes away from the shops. Caught up in it's beauty we postponed the shopping and took our time following the full track.  

I took photos along the way to share.

The flower fairy in me jumped with delight when I saw these beautiful Flannel Flowers along the path. They are native to the Sydney region of Australia and get their name from the texture of their petals and leaves which do indeed feel like flannel. 

From velvet softness to big tough spiky banksias. I know I'm biased but I love Australian flowers!

How could we resist following a pretty path like this. 

It led us to a blue gum forest

Beautiful pale trunks reaching for the sky.

Down below, little pops of colour catch my eye.

You wouldn't believe this pretty flower is known as a Mountain Devil. It gets it's nickname from the seed pod that has two little spikes like devil's horns.

I'm always impressed see where some plants decide to make their home.

I stop to admire leaves

and logs

and calm neutral tones of moss and lichen.

Happy heart!

As we walk we chat - quite often about how lucky we are to be walking the tracks of the Blue Mountains. Each path has it's own character. Sometimes we're led into valleys, or along ridges to breathtaking views. We like to identify the birds whose calls, sqwarks and twitterings we hear. I point out and name the flowers, Mr Daisy enjoys recognising the different trees. 

Another day we did a walk that had a winding path that led us up and down valleys to see not just 1 but four different waterfalls!  That was the day my camera wasn't charged so I only have one photo to share.

We even sometimes walk in the rain.

Or simply wander around our garden.

Okay, okay... Enough talking of walking, I know you're wondering... "Has Rachael been sewing?!?"
I'm happy to say "Yes I have!!"
I've been working on more Whizz Bang! style quilts.

But I'll leave those photos until the next post...
There's no rush, sometimes it's good to take one step at a time.