Thanksgiving isn't a holiday here in Australia but I do like the idea of being thankful and goodness knows I have a lot to be thankful for. Too much to list here but here are just a couple of things I'm thankful for today.

The latest Simply Moderne magazine arrived in my letterbox.

Lo and behold - there's an article about me and photos of my quilts. 

I couldn't resist a photo of myself holding up the photo of myself. The photo in the magazine is a photo of when I won Best in Show at Sydney this year. I think I had that happy but shocked look on my face for quite a while afterwards.

Ever since Carol from Simply Moderne saw my Undercover Colour quilt hanging in the 2015 Sydney Quilt Show she knew she wanted it as a pattern for the magazine. It's always fun seeing how they display and photograph quilts. They've made it look so perfect for Christmas. 

For those who havent seen this quilt before the twist is that each of the shapes flip up to reveal a colour underneath. It was my way of making a colourful quilt for the red and white challenge at the 2015 Sydney Quilt Show. 

It would be wonderful to see it made in other colours with different surprises behind the shapes. 

No it's all about me, there's lots of other great things in this edition, in fact the magazine is jam packed with wonderful things. This is just a taste of the other great features. 

A pattern called Tennessee Lightning by LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts

A really interesting article by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. She talks about our stashes, how to organise them and use them. Kathy also has a great hexagon pattern.

There are features about quilt shows in Tokyo and Vermont with lots of quilt photos.

Articles about two of my favourite quilting legends, Ruth McDowell

And Keiko Goke who's quilts always make me smile. 

Plus more patterns and projects to make, other featured quilters, every page is inspiring eye candy.
Here's the cover again so you know what to look out for or buy here direct from Simply Moderne/ Quiltmania.

The Australian Modern Quilt Show is this weekend!!! As the sun rises tomorrow morning I'll be catching the train into Sydney to go and help set up the hall and hang quilts. I'm very thankful to have two quilts in the show. They're two new ones that I'm looking forward to sharing with you but I'll be busy at the show so won't be able to blog about them until next week. If you haven't found me on instagram yet I'm @bluemountaindaisy and I'll post photos of my quilts and the show there.  I love blogging but I've finally seen how convenient, easy and fun instagram is. 

Here are all the details of the Modern Quilt Show. Make it if you can, I know it's going to be a really great show.

So happy Thanksgiving everyone whether it's a holiday in your country or not, it's always good to be thankful for all the wonderful things in our lives.


  1. All the quilters I admire are in this edition of Simply Moderne ! XXX

  2. Congratulations again and again !! It's well deserved Rachael !!
    This issue is "simply wonderful" !
    ENJOY........ :)))
    Big hugs !

  3. Congratulations on appearing in the magazine. Great photo. Enjoy thyour Quilt Show. It will be hard work but you will have a ball. Looking forward to seeing the two new quilts.

  4. Congratulations with your quilt in the magazine,love your idea. Wish you lot of fun with the Sydney show. And look forward to see some pictures. Happy thanksgiving to you.

  5. Grande successo...te lo meriti!


  6. Have a super sensational weekend. Now I 've seen you in two Quiltmania publications this week. Your quilts always make me smile.

  7. Enjoy the quilt show ! I hope you'll post some pictures for us on the other side of the world.
    ps : I love this picture of you, happy and shocked. I can feel your enthusiasm ! ;-)

  8. congrats Rachael you so deserve this ,your quilt is amazing,I love that there is colours and patterns underneath,well done my friend and it's a beautiful pic of you xx

  9. That is so exciting!! Congratulations!!

  10. Congratulations Rachael and so much to be thankful for! Just wonderful! Oh yes I too can see how quick and easy Instagram is! Have a fun weekend...I'm sure you will!

  11. What a wonderful thing see you yet again in a magazine ! Are you still pinching yourself to see if it's really real ? LOL Best of luck to you in the show !

  12. Just like my dear French friends, I really LOVE this issue, all our favorite modern quilters are inside!!

    Bravo à toi Rachael Daisy, but you simply deserve it!

  13. Oh Rachael.....can't wait to get my magazine! Seems to be delivered by pony express where I live! I absolutely love your red and white quilt!,,,, genius!! Beautiful, creative work by a beautiful, creative young woman! Such talent!!!!!

  14. Well done you gorgeous thing! To witness such creativity paired with just plain fun-ness, certainly makes me give thanks. Without such art and creativity in our lives, we would be missing and lacking in so much. Our artists bring a lot to our community and I am grateful.
    I will indeed snatch up that wonderful magazine and attempt to recreate your witty and wimsical quilt.
    Miss Daisy....could a quilt book showcasing some of your ideas ever be on the cards? 😍

  15. Congratulations, and a lovely photo too! And aonther creative piece from you, I love your red&white quilt! where do you get all these super ideas from:) Oh, and I've always loved LeeAnn's zigzag quilt, jammed packed with colour!

  16. That is a lovely photo in the magazine. Well done.
    Have a wonderful time at the show.

  17. Congratulations!! That must be such a thrill to see your quilt in the magazine and to read about it, knowing that you're inspiring others to create. That's really neat!!

  18. Congratulations! Such a lovely photo of you, holding a picture of you!! Have a fab time at the show this weekend - if you can, lots of pics please for those of us who can't make it.

  19. You look so beautiful in both these pictures...Your quilts are nothing compared to you...the artist xxoo


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