Snappy snapshots

This is one of my long posts with lots of bits and pieces so why not make a cup of tea and I'll share some snapshots from the past few weeks

On Wednesday I filled my car with lots of my quilts and headed for Woollongong where I did a show and tell at the Illawarra Quilters group meeting.  

In the half an hour lead up to the meeting the weather turned. A heavy storm with flash flooding came over on our way to the hall. It proves how dedicated members of this group are that they came out in such weather. 

I'm sorry to say my snapshots of the evening are not very snappy. I was too caught up in the moment to think of getting my camera out but I did take a couple of photos of the women setting up the hall. People started arriving and went straight to decorating the walls of the hall with their show and tell. It was wonderful to see a simple hall transformed into a quilt show. So many beautiful quilts of all styles. 

Works in progress. A lot of the quilts are those made in workshops during the year. Maybe after the workshops I teach for the group there might be show and tell of my designs? 

The room soon filled up with chatter and greetings, people getting their spots and catching up with friends.

As soon as people were settled it was time to show my quilts. Thank you to the ladies who did the holding up of my quilts. They did a great job especially as a lot of my quilts have interesting backings so they were turning them around as I rambled on.  
I talked about 20 quilts starting from my first and then selected ones through my quilting journey. It's been interesting for me to go back and look at some of my early quilts. I rambled on and the time flew by so quickly. Of course I keep thinking of the things I forgot to say about each quilt but then I think I would think that no matter how much I said about them. It was great after wards to have everyone come up onto the stage and have a closer look at the quilts. I loved meeting so many lovely quilters. I know we all say this but I'll say it again - quilters are the best!!

I haven't got any photos of me talking. If you follow the Illawarra Quilters facebook page they may post some photos there.

Here are a couple of snaps I took as I was gathering my quilts to take with me
Charming Smiles and Double Denim Wedding Ring

Prairie Point Steps

This is a cute photo - The Illawarra Quilters surprised me with a lovely gift bag and amongst the treats that were inside was a little bee plate. It looked so perfect on my table cloth as though it buzzing from flower to flower.

Someone needs to be commended for making this beautiful handmade card.

On the home front I have some snaps to prove I have been sewing. My Bernina 720 is my new best friend!

It made my heart happy to see this tiny flower and even tinier strawberry that were perfectly framed by the surrounding folded points. Isn't it great to get those rewards when playing with our fabrics.

Here are some new additions to my stash. These are all from Jennifer Paganelli's range Hotel Fredrickson. I love the way Jennifer is inspired by vintage fabrics but gives them a more modern colour palette to create her ranges. These are going to stay on my cutting table until I use them. 

Spring has been beautiful here in the Blue Mountains. Not too hot, not too cold, just right! It seems every time I go into the garden I see something new flowering. Flannel Flowers are one of my very favourites. For those who don't know these Australian native flowers have petals and foliage that really feel just like flannel. 

I've been taking advantage of the sunny weather to give my quilts a good airing. It's wonderful when they get that fresh smell of sunshine..
Summer Bubbles and The Rachael Quilt

Other sewing has included helping out with the Springwood Quilt Show 2017 raffle quilt. 
From appliqueing hexagon blocks and then seeing them come alive with sashing.
Chris, Susie and Carol

We still need to add a border but we're so pleased with how it's looking. The Springwood Community Quilt Show isn't until the fourth weekend of April but we like to get the raffle quilt finished early so it has plenty of time to be hung in different quilt shops throughout the mountains and Sydney.  If you'd like to keep up to date with it's adventures you can follow along with the Springwood Quilt Show blog or instagram @springwoodquiltshow

Talking of quilt shows it's only a couple of weeks until Modern Quilt Show Australia.
Superstar quilters Anna Marie Horner and Carolyn Friedlander are gracing our shores and doing workshops and talks. Find out more on the MQSA website or facebook, or instagram @sydney_mqg . 

I'm looking forward to catching up with quilter friends and of course seeing lots of amazing quilts from around Australia. There were twice as many entries as they have room to hang quilts so it's an honour to have a quilt accepted. I remember being blown away by the standard of quilts at last year's show and I'm sure this show will be even better. 

One last snapshot. I took this photo walking home one day. Half way home I heard rustling in the tree tops and saw two Lyrebirds flying from tree to tree. Swooping and singing their loud, clear chirping songs. Lyrebirds are usually quite shy birds and stay on the forest floor rummaging through leaf litter for bugs. I wondered if this was a mating dance, or they were protecting a nest. Either way it felt like one of those rare moments in nature that you feel privileged to see. I didn't get photos of the lyrebirds but you can see what a pretty place they have to live in. 

So there you go, lots of fun snap shots. I'll be back with more friendly Daisytown house blocks in the next post. 
Snappy snapshots


  1. Looks like you had fun in Wollongong and that 720'is the best!

  2. Hi Rachael what a wonderful post ,i enjoyed reading what you had been up to,you live in a beautiful part of our country,i love your last pic xx

  3. Now that's what a call a wonderful walk home!!! Absolutely love your Summer Bubbles quilt!

  4. Wish I were at your trunk show to see your beautiful quilts for real !
    My son saw your last picture and told me : This path is the one we can see in The Lord of the rings movie when blablabla ... First time he's really interested in a quilting blog post ! ;-)

  5. Looks and sounds like Wollongong was a success. Glad you had a good time. Cute Bumble Bee plate
    and strawberry on the quilt. Spring always brings flowers And so lucky to see the lyre birds.

  6. What a great post Rachael! I love seeing what you are sewing- that pretty yellow star and yellow gingham is such fun! And your new fabrics are so YOU!

  7. Wish I had been in Wollongong to see your quilts and hear what you had to say about each of them. It sounded a great evening, flash floods and all! Looking forward to seeing what you are inspired to make by your lovely new fabrics.

  8. What a lovely post, so much beautiful quilts.
    Thanks for all the nice pictures you shared with us.

  9. I love a nice, newsy post, so this was just the ticket. Your visit to Wollongong sounded lovely. Lucky you to see the lyrebirds. We've only seen one, on the Bylong Way, many years ago. They are beautiful.

  10. I'd have loved to hear you "ramble" at Illawarra, but that is just too far away. Lovely photo of your walk home.

  11. Looks like you've been have a great quilty time the last couple of weeks.
    Luscious fabrics by Jennifer, her patterns are great.
    Oh I wish I could feel that flannel flower. I can't think of anything in the US like that.
    I always love to see your walking path in woods. It always looks like a fairytale to me.
    I'm glad to hear that you like your prize sewing machine.

  12. What a feast of pictures and such a delightful bee plate too!
    A lovely gift.
    I adore the Summer Bubbles quilt, so so pretty and such an effective design.
    How lovely to air your quilts and bathe them in sunshine, we here have a watery sun and a cold damp air -
    Winter is upon us and the days have shortened!
    Bring on Spring lol

  13. Love seeing little snippets of your quilts--wish I was there!! The sashing for those applique blocks is wonderful--it sets the blocks off beautifully--brilliant!

  14. Fun post! Those women at the guild were lucky to see your quilts up close and personal, and to hear your quilting story. Have fun at the modern show. We'll look forward to seeing bits of it.

  15. A great post. How fabulous to do a trunk show, lucky quilters getting to see your quilts. And there really is something magical about interactions with wild creatures and birds, lucky you seeing lyrebirds. We after walk in their habitat but I've never seen one.

  16. Wow, busy, busy, as always :-) Thanks for sharing !

  17. A lovely newsy update, lots happening then over at yours! Sounds like a great evening, lucky quilters to hear your quilty stories! I love those new fabrics, look forward to seeing what you make with them!

  18. Your Quilty life has been a busy one. I'm sure it was fun to share your quilt stories with the guild and doubly exciting for the members to see and hear those stories. What a wonderful walk home after a busy day. Sounds like you have more quilting fun ahead.

  19. loved your post! Thanks for sharing the many pics of quilts: so fun! And I'm still amazed when you share pics of your walk home: wow! What a treasure! I'm sure the Lyre birds were amazing to see! Someday I'll make it to Australia and see your amazing birds!! (my other hobby.) Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

  20. Great post Rachael! So much going on for you at the your walk home!

  21. I was delighted to look up more about your lyre birds, and I found a short video of them, right away, with David Attenboro: What silly pips they are! (even sounding like a camera shutter, and chainsaws!) Loved reading about your travels to the show and seeing the super snapshots. It looks like summer is coming in a beautiful way :)

  22. You inspire give me a charming smile!!!!!

  23. Quante belle trapunte da cui trarre ispirazione!

  24. Lots happening for you! I am so pleased your talk a share went well. And what a lovely thank you gift.
    It also looks like you are making the most of that lovely sewing machine.
    I am really impressed with the beautiful work in the blocks for the raffle quilt. Stunning.
    Have fun at the modern quilt show!

  25. Hello Rachael ! No doubt you spent a wonderful time with these fun and busy ladies ! I love to see your quilts and your new fabrics are beautiful !
    What a great post and thank you for sharing !

  26. What a delightful post! So pleased your talk went well (had no doubts it would!) and what lovely gifts.

  27. always so much going on in Daisy land............

    Lyrebirds are very shy..........


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