Next up in the Whizz Bang! series are the Pine Burr/Pine Cone blocks.

 Pine Burr or Pine Cone quilts have been described as a three dimensional quilt with overlapping triangles placed in circles starting from the center.  From early to late twentieth century these quilts were popular amongst Southern African American quilters. This style of quilt making was considered masterpiece work as much as fine applique was considered in Caucasian communities.

I couldn't find any information about where the idea first originated from or any information earlier than the early 20th century. If anyone knows any more information about Pine Burr or Pine Cone quilts feel free to let me know.

I love how electric Pine Burr blocks look. The wonkiness suits them, gives them more movement and makes them look playful. I've been very scrappy in my fabric choices again with these blocks.

Yay for red and white polka dots! 

I played with different ways of making the points. Squares, rectangles, even circles folded different ways, simply to try different methods of making them. You can't tell the difference in the final blocks.

Of course a bit of ric rac crept into one of the blocks.

Close up photo of the quilting stitches with perle 8 thread.  

I've been asked how many layers I was quilting through - I'll list them starting from the bottom up:
background fabric
foundation fabric (cotton, sometimes denim) 
folded cotton points. 

Reading that list sounds like craziness! It's lucky I get very determined when I have an idea.

My Whizz Bang! quilt also has blocks inspired by an old Chinese Quilt but I'll save that story for another day.

For more Pine Burr goodness pop over here to see an amazing quilt made by LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts.