Early one morning Mr Daisy and I drove out to an airport on the outskirts of town so that he could do something he has talked about for a long, long time.

A vintage aircraft joy flight.

The plane was a 1930's Tiger Moth.

It didn't take long for him to be securely strapped in and I was reassured by his big smile and enthusiastic thumbs up.

After just a couple of turns of the propeller 

the engine kicked over, and they were off down the runway...

and soon making their way across the clear blue skies!

With my feet firmly on the ground I found a cool spot under a gum tree and pulled out the latest edition of Simply Moderne. It's the 4th edition and I swear each issue seems more action packed and colourful than the last. 

How perfect that the cover quilt looks like a birds eye view, as though we're flying over a pretty town. Round the Garden was designed by Wendy Williams of Flying Fish Kits. I predict it will be a popular pattern and we'll soon be seeing versions of it popping up every where.

As I turned the pages, the magazine took me flying to Houston with a great showcase of quilts.

A few more pages and it had me flying back in time to read about Bill Volckening's collection of quilts from the 70's.

I navigated my way through quilter profiles and lots of projects from quilters all around the world.

Including a striking one called Flying to the Stars by Sydney quilter Liesel Moult

I was so absorbed in the glossy pages of Simply Moderne that before I knew it the time had flown by and it was time to see Mr Daisy's plane land. It was a smooth touch down. He hasn't stopped talking enthusiastically about all the looping and spiralling acrobatics and the breathtaking views he had seen.

And even though it all sounded thrilling and wonderful I thoroughly enjoyed my slice of quiet time under a tree reading my favourite magazine.

Are you wondering about the pretty toile from the first photo? 

It's been ages since I bought fabric. I've been enjoying using up my stash but I recently found myself in a quilt shop and bought this fun selection of fabrics. I didn't choose them for any projects in mind but I know they're destined to be just the right fabric at the right time.

One day I'll get a flash of an idea and I'll reach for this toile and say...

"Up Up and Away! 
with pretty fabrics I will play".