A big hearty hello!!

I know its been a while but I'll hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive my recent silence. 

Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

I'm sure you all know how life can take over and before you know it days, weeks and even months have flown by. I kept meaning to write blog posts and I do have lots of fun things to share but I found the longer I left it the harder it became to sit down and write the words.

But thats all water under the bridge. There's love in the air with Valentines Day around the corner and I couldn't pick a better day than today to share a happy scrappy heart. 

So what's the story behind the big heart dancing around under the trees??

One day in the storeroom of the flower shop where I used to work I came across an old polystyrene heart shape and in my mission to add colour to the world I thought it would be fun to cover it in bright fabrics. For added sentimental meaning I used the fabric pieces from the bunting we had at our wedding

I was too caught up in creating to take progress photos but I simply sewed the fabrics into long strips and then wound the strips tightly around the heart shape. When it was fully covered I folded the fabric ends in and under and pinned them into place. 

I haven't found the right place to hang it yet so instead of a wall photo we took it for a walk in the bush. 

I'm sure I heard fairies giggling as Mr Daisy and I wandered along the paths with our big heart. 

And of course we echoed their giggles with our own. 

And with that I wish you all a colourful Valentines Day full of happy heart giggles.