Happy lucky 29th of February!! I love how quirky it is to have a extra day every 4 years. Wishing all those who are celebrating their birthdays today a very special Happy Birthday.  

I haven't been sewing as much as I'd like over the past few months because in those precious spare moments of creative time I've been tackling long overdue projects around the house. Some are a bit boring, like painting furniture and looking for bathroom vanities but some are fun and colourful like decorating my lounge room door. 

Although I used tissue paper and there's not a stitch in sight I think the door looks like a quilt with colourful patterned blocks joined with sashing.

I've always been fascinated by paper cut outs from Chinese paper pictures to festive Mexican banners. Then there are those pretty paper snowflakes that appear around Christmas time. These are what came to mind as I looked at the clear glass window panes in the doorway of my lounge room.

It's not a room that needs privacy so the glass didn't need to be fully covered, in fact I wanted the light to still be able to travel through when the door was closed. 
Which it does perfectly.

I hadn't thought of the shadows it would create so when I was even more pleased when I saw the ethereal lace-like patterns on the wall behind. 

Another surprise that I noticed later was how the shapes echo the shapes and lines in the nearby rug.

Here's how it works with my quilts on the walls. I think it fits in perfectly.

Yes, I love colour!! 

For those interested in how I went about making my colourful door here are the easy step by step instructions. 

I used tissue paper because I like the translucent effect it gives, but I've done things in the past using thicker coloured paper. 

Start by cutting out rectangles the same size as the window pane. 

Fold the rectangles into segments and cut out shapes on the folds. It's fun to experiment with folding the paper in different ways to get a variety of results. You could practise with newspaper if you first to get a feel for the technique and not waste precious coloured paper. I'm not at all pedantic about perfectly cut shapes, i like the hand cut look. 

Once you are happy with your design give it a press with a cool iron ( depending on what paper you've used) and pressing cloth to remove the creases made from folding. 

I used small pieces of clear sticky tape to attach them to the glass. I'm sure glue would work as well but I liked that the sticky tape made it easy to move them around to get the right colour placement. 

A bonus is that it makes lots of pretty confetti.

So what do you think? Would you like me to show more of my colourful house projects?