I know you've all been wondering whether Asterisk Tricks survived it's washing adventure so I'll jump right in and show you... 

The Before photo...

and this is how it came out of the washing machine.

I flattened out the confetti strips with my fingers so they laid flat again.

There was a bit of fraying but not too much.

In fact I really like how the fraying has softened the edges and added texture to the strips. 

It's really hard to tell from the photos but washing has really set the quilting. Maybe because the linen shrunk it's puffed up the stitches. The overall quilt shrunk by a whopping half a inch. When it's only a 16inch quilt to start with half an inch seems a lot.

I didn't block the quilt to bring it back to a true square, I like that it wears the signs of its journey through the watery depths. I think it goes to show that quilts are tougher than we think. 

But wait there's more!!!

I have two more quilts in this series that I made earlier in the year but haven't gotten around to showing on my blog yet.  The year has just been flying by faster than I can blog!

First we have Concave Wave. 

The linen curve edges looked way too plain so I started adding stitches with perle 8 thread...

and kept stitching until the linen was densely patterned. I really liked the effect,  the way both the colourful part and the "neutral" part have something engage and look at. A lot of punch for a little quilt. 

The next quilt I named Curve Verve. The pattern is a reverse of Concave Wave. 

More fun times with colourful stitches

Those who look closely will notice each point has different patterns.

I do have more of these little bright quilts on the go at various stages of completion. They've been packed away while we're painting the house but they're sure to come out again to play at some point in the future. 

Until then I hope these little quilts have done their job of adding some colour to your day.