My international jet setting cover quilt arrived home today. 

A photo shoot seemed to be the right way to welcome it home. 

 I love the way the Simply Moderne team have done the graphics and laid out the pattern.

 And I think one of my favourite parts of seeing my quilts in magazines is seeing how someone else has styled them.

It's a great magazine overall. Heaps of photos and projects. I'm already keen to see what the next edition has in store for us. If you want to see a preview of the magazine or order a copy go to the Simply Moderne website here. 

Our magnolia tree is full of blooms for the first time since we moved into our house 5 years ago.  Each year just as the tree is about to flower a family of possums come along and has a feast of the buds. At first we thought it was really cute. While our neighbours tree is the glory of their garden ours would look just sad. But not this year. I don't know where the possums are but I'm happy they've left our tree alone this year. I keep popping out to admire the flowers. 

I recently fell in love with a colourful Indian footstool. A big part of my attraction was the festive camel featured on one side. Camels are a favourite animal of mine and this one reminded me of the time I went on a camel trek in a desert in Rajasthan in India many years ago.

There was an elephant on the other side marching along with his trunk in the air.

and the top was a party of colour and mirror work. 

I really couldn't justify getting a footstool, in fact I got rid of one recently and our house doesn't have room for more furniture so I decided to make do with photos of this merry one. I'll have to think about adding a camel to a quilt one day. There's always room for more quilts. 

Here's a little experimental mini quilt I've been playing with. It's just a seed of an idea with more to be added. I'm showing you to prove I have been sewing, not much but a little bit, which is better than none.

I could say the same for my social media appearances. Joining Facebook last week and trying to remember to upload photos to Instagram have made me realise that I really just don't have as much time as I used to due to some changes in Daisyland this year. I'm hoping that you'll agree a little bit is better than nothing. Plus I need to save some time for sewing so I have things to show you otherwise there'll be more of these wintery tree photos and colourful footstools. :)