I know some of you are curious after my last post as to what I was up to with my colourful button and pretty fabric combinations. 
I was a tad worried you'd get sick of me showing yet another finished quilt so soon after the last few so I thought it would be nice to have a post of simple eye candy. Plus I thought it was only fair to the buttons to give them a post of their own because little details like that sometimes get lost in the bigger picture.

Anyway I won't keep you suspense any longer, without further ado, here's the big reveal...


...I used them on a quilt I made a while ago for a Quilters Companion special magazine dedicated to precut fabrics.  Here's the cover of the magazine Quilts From Precut Fabrics No.4.

If you turn to page 88 you'll find my quilt. I called it Charming Smiles because the quilt has been made with 5inch charm squares it's a happy smiley type of quilt.
The design is highrise half circles that look a bit like simplified modern clamshells. It was all finished when I spied my jar of buttons and thought "Why not ?". Sewing on the buttons was my favourite part of making the quilt. Of course you wouldn't use buttons on a quilt for babies or young children or even pets that may chew and choke on them.

I've been curious to see how the magazine would style Charming Smiles for the photos. I was pleased to see they've created a lovely scene with bunting in a sun filled room, it makes it look like the perfect quilt to curl up in whilst reading a book of wonderful tales.

But wait there's more!
Straight after the pattern there's a 5 glossy page interview with me, interspersed with lots of quilt photos, so this magazine is quite a Rachaeldaisy packed edition.

If you're tempted to get a copy Quilts From Precut Fabrics No.4 is available in newsagents around Australia now. Or you can buy a digital copy here which means anyone, anywhere can download a copy. Don't you just love modern technology? Or have a look at Quilters Companion's facebook or website for more information.

One last photo, this one is taken by me of the quilt having a turn in the featured position on our lounge room wall.

So now you know how I used my buttons, I hope you approve :)