Now that the Desert to Sea book is published I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos of Ric Rac Razzamatazz that didn't make it to the book. 

It was an interesting process because photos I would be more than happy to use for my blog just didn't feel perfect enough for permanent print. I have to take my hat off to all those photographers who take amazing photos of quilts. Getting the right shot is not as easy as it looks. 

We were limited with the days Mr Daisy and I could go on our photography adventures. There were weekends that we were free but then the weather wouldn't play along and it would be raining or too windy, or even too sunny and bright. 

My first thought was to try to capture the grandness of the Blue Mountains where we live, so we headed for one of the impressive lookouts. It was a nice sunny day but as we arrived at our destination the wind had picked up. 

It's hard to see but I'm the little speck in the center of this photo walking out to the lookout.

 Can see me holding the quilt by the right hand corners while the quilt it blowing sideways? It was really flying!! I was a little worried it might fly away with me!

We captured the grandness of the mountains in this shot but not so much of the quilt. 

Here I am, windswept with crooked sunglasses. 

We also tried some bushy photos that day but they didn't seem to work either. 

Rocks make a great backdrop, but for some reason this photo has a ghostly grey mist. 

This one isn't too bad now I look back at it but I rejected it because the corner had been cut off. 

Another day we went in search of a flowery garden.
I liked the way the colours matched of the flowers matched the quilt...

but the garden swallowed up the quilt.

The sun was a bit too dazzling in this photo,  

and this photo was a bit "Meh"

There was a point where I wondered about climbing into this waterfall with the quilt for a photo. It's probably best that I didn't.

By this stage I was thanking my lucky stars that Mr Daisy was being very patient with me. I think he's happy I'm not a movie director.  Our reward was going to beautiful places with views like this.

As we were driving home one day, I practically jumped out of the car when I spied this giant fruit bowl. The most perfect background for a quilt of melon/orange peel blocks!! Alas, up close it didn't quite work, it looked a bit shabby but not in a chic way.

There was a matching mural but no matter what angle we took the photo from we couldn't get the yellow car out of the photo. We lurked around for a while hoping the owner would hop in and drive away but in the end we had to accept that it wouldn't be. 

One day I'll get photos of a quilt with this backdrop, it's the coolest mural!

I'd often joked that it would be fun to get a photo of a quilt with a snake slithering across it. It was this idea that made us decide to go to Featherdale Wildlife Park to see if I could get a photo with some Australian native animals.
Just like the wind or the glaring sun the animals had their own ideas. We got this photo by running around after the Emu, imagine chasing a giant camera shy chicken. 

And the kangaroos were so interested in the quilt they refused to turn around and look at the camera.

A koala saved the day with it's cute face and fluffy ears. It posed like a super star when we jumped up with the quilt for some quick paparazzi photos. That's one of the photos you'll see in Desert to Sea: 10 Quilts From Australian Designers. It doesn't get cuter than a koala.

I'll leave you with a funny thing... During all our times posing with the quilt and taking photos in the different places we went not a single person asked what we were doing, not even at the wildlife park. isn't that odd?