Here's is one of my very favourite quilts,  an oldie but a goldie. 

Oi Emu! was created when LeeAnn from Nifty Quilts encouraged us to celebrate Corduroy Day, 11/11 in the auspicious year 2011. I got a bag of corduroy pants from the op-shop and pulled out a Emu panel by Sydney screen printers Cloth that I'd gotten not long before. To add some more Aussie talent I threw in some Prints Charming. As for the design I simply played with shapes and had fun with liberated piecing. The quilt just grew from there. When I felt it needed more colour and pattern I added some pieces of old upholstery samples and some coloured linen I'd bought in a scrap bag. 
The result is a really earthy quilt that for me has Australian bush look to it. 
It measures about 80inches across with a drop of 45inches 

Oi Emu! is my second entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. I think it was easier before when we didn't have to classify our quilt into different categories, when we would just show off our quilts. I'm a ditherer at times so I wavered over which category to put this in. At first I thought I'd enter it into the scrap quilt category but in the end I decided to put it into the Art category because of it's modern art leanings.  

To get into the groove of the theme here are some arty close-up photos..

 So what do you think, Is this art? Or just a quilt?

 Either way it looks great on my lounge room wall where it lives. 

Thanks to Amy for doing a wonderful job of organising the Blogger's Quilt Festival!! Usually I show new quilts but this time around I've found it a great excuse to share an old favourite, or two - you can see my other entry in the previous post. Let me know in the comments if you have a quilt in the festival so I don't miss popping over to have a look.