I thought I'd do my "Flowery First of the Month" a day early in honour of Halloween, and to stretch it further I'm not using flowers but just some simple leaves... 

and a pumpkin. 

No, I'm not making a carriage for Cinderella.

I'm making ...

scary, creepy, spooky and very kooky


There's no need for carving tools, and there's no pumpkin guts mess to clean up.. 
Just grab some leaves, trim them with scissors and stick them onto the pumpkin with glue, or do as I did and use BluTak. Its so easy to stick on and peel off to make changes.

I love how simple shapes can create features and bring new characters to life.
Here's Mr Big Mouth with his glowing eyes.

Have you ever noticed there are more Jack O's but never any Jills ? I thought I'd try a lovely lady with pretty eyelashes and big kissy lips. 

She got a fright when she met the next scary character

Old Grumpy Green Eyes! Eeek!!

 Jack-o-Kitty looked so serious so I told him a joke..

Q:When is a pumpkin not a pumpkin?
A: When you drop it, then it's a squash

That made him smile.

And then I made more smiley Jacks. 

I think this guy is my favourite. It's the Green Haired Zombie Jack-O-Leafy,  He's growling at you...

"HAve A HaPpyyy HaLLooOOOwEen oR i'LL eAT youR BrAins"