Crikey! It's nearly been 2 weeks since I last did a post!! 

Where does the time go?? 

 My excuse is that I've been working extra shifts at my day job while a couple of my colleagues have been away. It's kept me busy, but included lots of laughing times with flowers and foliage flying everywhere. 

But now things will be settling down and returning to normal. 

I must say, I'm looking forward to catching my breath...

and spending more time in my neglected sewing room.

I did add to my big box of scrappy yo-yos when I had a spare moments here and there...

and got a few rows of big stitch quilting done. Nice and easy when I'm just following the dots. 

I'll have more time for blogging too!! My show and tell is piling up. 
In my next post I'll not only share one finished quilt but three!! 

I promise I won't wait 2 weeks this time :)
Until then, I hope your days are as colourful as a rainbow balloon flower!