Hello! It's me! I'm back in blogland! 
Refreshed and rejuvinated and lots of fun things to show you over the coming weeks.

First up to celebrate my return after being away for ages and ages I thought I'd share a quilt that seems to have taken me ages and ages to finish. 

It all started with one of those days where I just felt like doing some easy sewing with my sewing machine. I dug around in my scraps and pulled out some leftovers from my Dollop Of Cream quilt.  I simply sewed the pieces into strips then sewed those strips into a rough square. 

I then cross cut the square to make more strips, 

... mixed up the rows and sewed them back together. 
I couldn't resist adding a few little triangles into the mix

It was hard to capture the right colours of this creamy mix of fabrics so I took it outside to take photos in natural light. The blue sky decided it wanted to be part of the quilt, or maybe the little flimsy thought for a moment that it was really a cloud. 

In my typical way I became distracted by other projects so the little fabric cloud was put aside for a while. 

Finally the day came when I decided it was time it was quilted.  My first thought was to keep it simple, so I machine quilted by stitching in the ditch. It actually looked too simple so I pulled out the stitches, took a deep breath and then started again with my favourite organic chunky perle thread quilting. 

But somehow I just didn't love it. I kind've liked it but felt it needed something else. I tried a few different things but in the end the little pale quilt was put aside again. I've learnt by now that sometimes you need to walk away for a while until you can return with a fresh perspective. 

A few weeks later I was tidying my sewing room and I came across the little quilt. It was lying nearby a skinny off-cut of linen. Eureka! It was just what the little quilt needed.
It didn't take long to sew a circle...

and then a few more circles

and the first circle became a sun.

And indeed the sun showed it's shiny glow of approval when I was taking photos.

It's only a little quilt at 24 inches square but it's had a long journey and it was all worth every stitch

Oh, I nearly forgot so tell you what I've called it ...

... Winter Sun, Don't you think that's the perfect name?