I've had my very, very long term hexagon project out recently. There's just something lovely about hand sewing in winter when one can get cosy in a heated room with fluffy slippers and happily stitch away. On the other hand they're also perfect for putting in my bag and taking to work at the flower shop. Sometimes in the afternoon there's a quiet period where I can work on them for a little while. 
Occasionally I'll notice a flower that matches my little fabric shapes and I can't resist a photo or two. 
Here are some happy snaps I've taken over the past few weeks.

Hello Sunshine!

Zebra hiding in a silver forest

An orchid moment


A flock of birds in paradise

Blue skies and a cottage garden

Golden times

It's easy being green!

Think Pink and Purple too.

Wouldn't you think that with all these photos I'd have some photos of the blocks I've been sewing.  Alas no, and now it's too dark for photos but I'll leave you with a older photo of my blocks on my design wall.  

Just imagine, if I keep working on these blocks they might just become a quilt one day.