I had a wonderful surprise last week.  I was outside listening to a chirpy parrot when the postie delivered a mystery package wrapped in butterfly paper and yellow tissue. I yelped with glee when I opened it to find this gorgeous blue daisy heart made especially for me by Melody of The House On The Side Of the Hill.

Melody's work is always delightful and her stitches so perfect. Look at how she has tied each button. The daisy is so cute. Of course I just love this lovely heart to bits!!

Melody also included an inspiring colourful machine embroidery that I admired on her blog a while ago. I think it would make the most wonderful center for something quilty. 

More hearts!!!  I've been meaning to show off these  for a while now. I was very lucky to have won this pair of prints in a giveaway at Ellen Giggenbach's blog. 

 I've been a huge fan of Ellen's work for ages. It began when I found this wonderful swan card.

I just had to track down her cards to sell in the flower shop I was managing at the time. Here are a few that I've kept. 

I love the way her work is a perfect balance of folk art, mid century design but with a fresh modern twist. Ellen makes her collages using shapes cut out of paper. Not only that but she paints her own papers to get just the right colours and added texture. I read on her blog that she makes each shape beautiful in it's own right, not just how it works as a whole. All of Ellen's work and attention to detail certainly shows in her work. 

These designs are a few years old now. Ellen's expanded her range to cushions, bags, amazing paper 3D items, books and all sorts of things. 

I even have an Ellen Giggenbach mug, I told you I was a fan! I had to have it when I saw the little lady has a blue daisy and is holding a bouquet of flowers. 

To see more of Ellen Giggenbach's work visit her blog simply called Ellen Giggenbach Paper Cut Art and Craft. I know you'll love her colourful creations!

 I've got one more little heart to share. A simple twist of pink caught my eye on my way to work and made me smile. 

Wishing you lots of sweet hearty goodness!