Okay, I couldn't stop at one packet of Trimmings, the fabrics are just too enticing. So here is another entry into the Umbrella PrintsTrimmings Competition. 

I knew with this packet I wanted to make a quilt of some sort. I jotted down a few ideas but didn't settle on any in particular so I left it for the ideas to brew...

As part of the competition you are required to take photos of the Trimmings Packet with it's fabric contents.

What a fun excuse to play with shapes and colours. It made me think that these trimmings are fun -  Just the way they are!

Lovely simple shapes to play with.

Eureka!!! It was that thought that sparked the idea.

I don't know about you but at the beginning of each year we receive magnetic calandars from local real estate agents. I can't bear to throw them away but I think they're ugly so I just leave them on the side of my fridge in case I need them. It turns out they were just waiting to be used in this project.

I cut the magnets into shapes following the lines of the trimmings, and sandwiched them between two pieces of fabric, Umbrella Prints on the top, miscellaneous scraps for the backs. I added big perle8 cotton quilting stitches and...

Hey Presto!
I had myself a Dynamic Magnetic Improv Quilt!!

Yeah!! A quilt to play and create with, over and over again!!
Here it is in action on my fridge. 

The stainless steel is a great neutral for showing the fabrics, especially the cream fabrics, but the reflection is awful for photos. 

So here are some photos on white so you get a better idea of some of the fun configurations that can be created.

Low Volume quilt. 

Or something a little brighter!

Each little Trimming unit could just as easily been glued together but I like the way the big stitches really add that quilted look. 

It's easy to add some neutral sashing by spacing the shapes.  

Every time you play you come up with a different layout. 

The possibilities are endless. 
And believe me I know because the Dynamic Magnetic Improv Quilt is utterly irrisistable. Now when I make a cup of tea I create a new quilt in the time it takes for the kettle to boil. 
My dinners are becoming a little overcooked as I get caught up playing. 
Or just when I'm chatting to Gbf I find that I start moving the pretty shapes around...
hmmm...  I think I might just be addicted. 

Thanks to the Umbrella Prints gals, Amy and Carly for inspiring us to make new things with this fun competition.

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