Yippee! A finished quilt!

And here's the back.

Conversation was the quilt I made to feature Jessica Wheelahan's wonderful Text/Type fabrics.

I pieced big bold blocks to show off the fabrics. I included circles to echo the circles dotted throughout the Text/type fabrics. 

When it came to quilting I machine stitched in the ditch around the blocks to stabilize the quilt. Then I reached for my box of threads and that's when the fun started. I hand quilted using a mix of perle8, tapestry wool, embroidery floss and a mysterious grey thread that Jess found in an op shop. 

I continued the geometric theme of the blocks into the quilting, using circles, squares and triangles. With no overall plan, I just wandered from block to block and added whatever quilting I thought would look good for that block. 

When I originally showed this quilt top a few people commented that it had a mid century modern look about it. I thought so too, but just for fun I took the quilt back in time...

To ancient Mongolia where quilts would come in handy on the cold windy plains.

I found the quilt matched the colours of shields.

I then travelled to medieval times. Could those shapes be a secret message like ancient runes of druids? 

It's nice to have a man in uniform admire my quilt, especially one that has a tassel on his hat.

Steampunk is where old meets new. I can imagine the letters on the fabrics being printed on a big old letter press run by clockwork and pulleys. 

Let's leave history behind and take off into space. It turns out the quilt has just enough edge to attract a scary Space Orc.

 And I wouldn't argue with him! 

So there you go,  it turns out it's a quilt that suits most times and places. A good Conversation starter, that's for sure. 

And if anyone is wondering if there is a trick is to getting people to pose with a quilt 

It's simple -  just ask with a big smile. 

Quilt Stats

Name:  Conversation
Size:  58 x 60 inches
Designed, Pieced and Quilted by Rachaeldaisy
Featuring:  Text/Type fabrics by Jessica Wheelahan, a super Sydney quilter and fabulous fabric designer You can buy Text/Type from Material Obsession.
Photo Location:  IronFest 2014, Lithgow, Australia. Thank you to all the wonderful people and aliens, and gold fantasy man who posed with my quilt.