Thank you so much to everyone for the most wonderful comments about my Pockets Full of Posies quilt!! It's amazing to get such encouraging and positive feedback. Pockets Full of Posies was the most popular name but I'll include Denim Garden on the label as well. 

I've been going through a bit of a sewing lull since finishing that quilt. I decided to give my sewing room a thorough tidying. This entailed getting out all my UFOs and WIPs. Oh my golly gumboots - I have 11 quilt tops that need quilting and about the same number of half finished tops and projects that are waiting for my attention. It's left me feeling a bit overwhelmed so while I'm catching my breath and figuring out a plan of action to tackle the backlog I'll share some other bits and pieces with you...

I received this gorgeous card from a good friend. What a clever use of dried flowers. How pretty are the dainty earrings.

From dried petals to the real thing - These are my favourite flowers of all time. Dark Red Peonies. I'm lucky that they usually flower around my birthday so I can get a bunch to celebrate. 
They start as buds that look like beetroots ...

... and blossom into these big fluffy blooms. 

I was the lucky winner of Sew Serendipity Bags as giveaway prize at Forget-Me-Not blog. 
Thanks Susanne!!  
Do you think the Universe is telling me I should make a bag? The ruffle one on the cover is particularly tempting. 

Here's some recent fabrics added to my stash. It's hard to resist colourful text prints and blue daisies. 

 This next fabric has to be the best cheater fabric ever. Crochet Granny Squares fabric!! 
How genius!

I found it at Spotlight. It's a drill cotton so heavier than quilting cotton. I was thinking it would make a fun skirt, quirky cushions or even a bag from the Sew Serendipity Bag book. 

But not until I've sorted out some of the piles of unfinished quilts first. :)