I thought I'd start the week off with a burst of colour!!
I recently received this wall hanging from Gbf's parents. They picked it up on a trip to China 20 years ago. A treasure from a far away land!! 
To give you an idea of the size , it measures 30x 51 inches.

How wonderful are those circles with their folded triangles edges. They remind me of prairie point binding or pine burr quilts.

Upon my first glance I thought the animals surrounding the circles represented the Chinese astrological signs.

There's a tiger

a Rooster

But then there's some animals that I'm really not sure of. Does anyone recognise this animal? A squirrel that is angry because his tail has been cut off , perhaps?? 

The flip side is even more colourful!!

and even more wonderfully wonky.  

If you look closely you'll notice the critters are creepy crawlies, spiders, scorpions, snakes. 

A side view shows how their little bodies are 3D.

Every type of fabric has been used - cotton, linen, varieties of polyester, corduroy and even some stretch knit. 

The blocks have been stabilised with paper. I know this because the paper has been left inside!! It stiffens the wall hanging and gives it a very papery rustling sound if you handle it. 

So there you have it, The Chinese wall hanging or as I prefer to call it
The Great Wall Hanging Of China.
 How lucky am I to have it hanging in my hallway!