We've had some really windy days recently here in the Blue Mountains.

I was watching some washed fabrics blowing in the wind

and it made me wonder what it would be like to see a quilt dance in the air. 

Wild Thing was the nominated lucky quilt and it certainly rose to the occasion

It kicked up it's heels up in a merry blue sky jig

Who knows, this chunky zebra quilt might have been pretending to be a flag proudly showing it's colours

or perhaps a bird flapping it's wings

and soaring on the breeze.

I watched as it billowed like a pirate ship's sails journeying on the high seas. 

And then it became a rainbow coloured cloud..

Was I getting carried away with my imagination?

Maybe it was simply a happy quilt catching the wind and laughing on a breeze.

In a shady corner of the garden the flamingos didn't even notice the quilt and wind shenanigans.

They were too busy being pleased about the fabulous gift I received from Cathy at Studio 28
Thanks so much Cathy, your parcel made my day.