Hi There!!
3 Cheers for the Bloggers Quilt Festival and to Amy's Creative Side for doing a wonderful job of hosting such a great event! And thankyou to You for stopping by to have a look at my quilt!

Dollop Of Cream started when I noticed I had a growing collection of fun cream and beige fabrics in my stash. 

Around that time I did a class with Chris Jurd in which we made the Ferris Wheel circles - a perfect excuse to play with those fun neutrals, and a good change from the brights that I usually work with.

I made a patchy background but was careful with my placements so the circles wouldn't cover up favourite prints.

On the left hand side we have a couple dancing..

Above and to the right there is a cupid keeping an eye on them.

A fun repro flour sack...

And doilies- big, small and even a rectangle one.

I then decided it needed a bird..

and another bird.

And a heart in a hand... I tried to make the hand's edges look as though it had be torn out of a newspaper, and the heart has pictures of paper boats - a symbol of hop if ever there was one. 

So finally the top was finished and the quilting began. I hand quilted with lots of perle thread and just followed the lines of the quilt, making it up as I went along.

I even started sewing crosses, just for fun...

So that's my Dollop of Cream quilt. I hope you liked it.

I have another quilt in the festival -  it's a bit brighter than this quilt - pop over and have a look at 

Ps, I usually like to respond to comments but its going to be a busy week trying to see as many fabulous Festival quilts as possible so I'll thank you now for taking the time to read about my quilts. If you leave me a comment I'll pop over and visit your blog and leave you a comment in return. :)