It's Thursday and it's been a pretty crazy week so I thought I'd have a Tea Towel fashion parade... well , it's as good a reason as any :)

Let's start with this beauty from The Big Banana!

The Big Banana is one of Australia's Big Icon tourist attractions. I've never actually been there but surely having the tea towel has to be the next best thing. 

Another of Australia's icons is The Big Pineapple ...

To continue the fruity theme... 

I also seem to have a thing for ocean themed tea towels

Ships Ahoy!!

Does anyone remember that show called Flipper? 

This was a good year...

This one has nothing to do with the ocean, it's just cute and quirky. 

I never thought I'd see a game of lawn bowls depicted on a tea towel. It's an interesting design in which the negative space is in the center and the action is happening all around the edges of the picture. 

And here is my favourite, what a great group of birds of different shapes and sizes!... in fact it's a lot like our garden... in the Blue Mountains.

Which is Your favourite ?