What better way to celebrate than to go to...

The Australian Gnome Convention.

This is just a glimpse of the crowds of gnomes who were attending. 

I wonder if this one's called Pinky.

Dame Edna Gnome!

How sweet is the gnome with a carrot? I'm a bit worried about the one behind him, he's giving him a funny look..

This was my favourite gnome, even though his hat is broken he's still smiling.

Gknitted Gnomes.

 There were even some big real life gnomes.

I didn't have a gnome to take along. If I ever see a quilting gnome I'll know that's the gnome for me. 

It wasn't all bearded guys with red hats, there was entertainment like this Ukulele band.

Scottish Pipe Band

There was wine tasting ..and lots of tempting stalls... such as the hat stall...

My new hat...

 Gbf's new hat...

Another fun Australia Day!!  

News Flash - My friend Chris Jurd has made a DVD with Quilters Companion magazine and it's out now with the latest edition of the magazine. I haven't seen it yet but I know it will great, Chris is such a great personality and has so many tips and tricks to share and Quilters Companion make excellent instructional videos - a winning formula!!

Chris has some copies to give away,  pop over and have a look at her blog Patchwork Fundamentals!

Okay... I'm off to eat some vegemite and chase a koala and laugh like a kookaburra.