Happy Australia Day!

What better way to celebrate than to go to...

The Australian Gnome Convention.

This is just a glimpse of the crowds of gnomes who were attending. 

I wonder if this one's called Pinky.

Dame Edna Gnome!

How sweet is the gnome with a carrot? I'm a bit worried about the one behind him, he's giving him a funny look..

This was my favourite gnome, even though his hat is broken he's still smiling.

Gknitted Gnomes.

 There were even some big real life gnomes.

I didn't have a gnome to take along. If I ever see a quilting gnome I'll know that's the gnome for me. 

It wasn't all bearded guys with red hats, there was entertainment like this Ukulele band.

Scottish Pipe Band

There was wine tasting ..and lots of tempting stalls... such as the hat stall...

My new hat...

 Gbf's new hat...

Another fun Australia Day!!  

News Flash - My friend Chris Jurd has made a DVD with Quilters Companion magazine and it's out now with the latest edition of the magazine. I haven't seen it yet but I know it will great, Chris is such a great personality and has so many tips and tricks to share and Quilters Companion make excellent instructional videos - a winning formula!!

Chris has some copies to give away,  pop over and have a look at her blog Patchwork Fundamentals!

Okay... I'm off to eat some vegemite and chase a koala and laugh like a kookaburra.
Happy Australia Day!


  1. Fun! You look less than gnome-ish in your pretty green hat! I'll keep a lookout for a quilting gnome for you!

  2. That sounds like a lot more fun than the rain and wind like we are having here.
    You look very nice in your new hat, as does Gbf.
    I'd rather have a lamington than Vegemite!!!

  3. Thanks Rachael for the plug!!
    Looks like the gnome convention went well.

  4. This looks like great fun. What a wonderful idea! I wonder why someone hasn't come up with a quilting gnome?
    Love both the new hats. Perfect for our Summer.
    I can have the vegemite and laugh like a kookaburra, but I can seem to find a koala!

  5. Brilliant! Glad you had a fab day x

  6. Happy Aussie Day!
    I loved the tour of the Gnome festival, what a riot! I used to watch a cartoon called "david the gnome" with my son. Have you heard of it?
    Your new hat is Fabulous.
    What a fun way to spend your special day -
    cheers Mate

  7. Happy Aussie Day!
    I love your new hat! Gnomes are so funny looking things! I love the smiley one too.
    So great to be visiting you here.

  8. Thanks for taking us along to this quirky celebration. What fun! Love the hats too. Happy Australia Day indeed!

  9. Looks like a great day out for everyone! The hats are great and you both look so stylish in them. Much cooler than the gnome's hats, I imagine.

    Happy weekend!

  10. Oh my! I didn't know there were gnomes in Australia! How cute. Love seeing your lovely face in your new dashing hat. Thanks for the good smiles. Happy Australia Day!

  11. What a great way to spend Australia Day .........

  12. Sorry but I burst out laughing when I read this, this morning. We watched Gnomeo and Juliet last night and this morning your post pops up. I am sure that half the gnomes at the convention there were in the movie.
    So GBF isnt so camera shy any more or are you getting quicker taking snaps.
    Hope it has cooled down somewhat for you. Have a great long weekend.

  13. Ha ha Rachael what a FUN post...loved it!!! Looks like you had a very 'gnomey' Australia Day!

  14. What a laugh....sounds like a fun way to spend Ozzie Day :)

  15. It looks like you had a very happy Australia day. The gnomes are all too stinking cute!! I love your new hat =D and gbf's new hat too of course =P

  16. A while back, quite a while back now, we found a gnome in our garden. He was old and sad and half his paint had peeled off and DH wanted to throw him out but I wanted to keep him. I hope he is still lurking in a corner of the garden.
    Seattle celebrated Australia Day with gloom and rain. Not a good day for a barbie!

  17. Love the gnomes & your new hats! Gbf is wearing a Mexican shirt! Can he do that on Australia Day?

  18. Bella festa!
    Molto graziosi gli gnomi, grandi piccoli e pure quelli un po' rotti!

  19. True to form Aussies make sure to take the mickey out of all occassions. GREAT loved the idea and the adventure. We don't have any gnomes either but have just aquired a frog. HUMM ?

  20. I liked the Dame Edna Gnome, she's blingy !

  21. Wow! Gnomes! Who knew??? I love the idea, but why would you celebrate gnomes?? Love your green hat....and you are such a cutie Rachaeldaisy!

  22. What a fab Australia Day activity! Love the hat. i am not normally a hat person but bought one in very similar colours when I was on holidays. Mine was for all the fishing expiditions we went on. My son was mad for fishing (real and if that wasn't possible then the gaming variety). I have a couple of gnomes living in my pots. They are a bit hard to find as the plants have gone a bit wild of late.


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