Atomic Wagga and Dandy Dresdans

This is what Gbf and I gave ourselves for Christmas this year - a beautiful retro sideboard. 

Awesome green felt lined drawers. 

It was delivered the weekend before Christmas and I knew there was no way I could look at a blank wall on Christmas day so I went off to my sewing room. 

I dug up some 50's inspired barkcloth samples that I've had for years, even before I was a quilter. 
I tried various background fabrics but these wools were by far the best. I like the way the warm browns echo the colour of the wood in the sideboard. 
 I made a basic wholecloth quilt using the pillowcase method to contain the edges of the batting...

... so I could let the woollen edges run wild and free.

 The barkcloth patches are simply sewn on. I love the rawness of the look, not to mention the fabulous play of textures.

I think it's the fastest quilt I've ever made. I finished it in a day! I might go back and add some more wool patches or add some hand stitches one day but I was so happy to have it hanging on Christmas Day. 
I've called it Atomic Wagga in honour of Aussie woollen patchy quilts and the atomic 50's fabrics. 

Here's it is with the sideboard. Do you think it matches?

 My other current project is opposite to Atomic Wagga in every way.  I call this one Dandy Dresdans. I've been working on it on and off for about a year.

I've finally finished appliquing the dresdans and ric rac. Yay!

... but now I'm dithering about whether the triangle border works or not and whether it needs a green skinny border to break up the red a bit. Oh decisions, decisions...
The center is an old tea towel put on point. The words around the green diamond say:
"If you keep this jumbo towel handy, your pots and pans will shine just dandy". How cute is that!

One last photo... Here's where Gbf and I had breakfast this morning, The Megalong Valley Tea Rooms. What a great start to the new year.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a most wonderful year full of fun, friends and fabric delights. Hooray for 2013 - it's going to be a fabulous year!!!

PS Waggas might be the new thing, check out the awesome one made by LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts.

Atomic Wagga and Dandy Dresdans


  1. Atomic is just how I'd describe you my dear! Love it.
    I like the dresdens without the green border. Enough happening there.
    Looks like you had a lovely breakfast too.

  2. oh my gosh that is wonderful, I think it looks great with the sideboard, what a fun quilt.
    ok love those dresdens and rick rack very fun.
    the tea towel is hysterical and the circles in the dresden fabric is just fun too! The plaid fabric is wonderful wow! think this may be my favorite quilt you have made so far!

  3. The Atomic Wagga is wonderful! I love the retro fabrics! And we had a bikkie barrel just like yours! Dandy Dresden is delightfully dandy! There are so many cute features- the tea towel, the colours, even the green borders! Fabulous! A new favourite for me too! Happy New Year Rachael!

  4. Such a wonderful Post - I'm filled with awe! Check out my blog, I've started making this quilt, inspiration coming from you, thank you so much!
    Big Hugs - Lurline!

  5. Happy New year!
    How do you find time to sleep!
    Love the retro sideboard brings memories floating back of the 60's & 70's Love the Breakfast location.

  6. Oh wow Atomic Wagga is fabulous. It's perfect with the retro sideboard. Love those 50's prints. AND wow you made it in one day!!!!!
    The dresden's with the ric rac is so cute. It's going to look gorgeous when it's finished.
    Happy New Year, can't wait to see what you will be working on this year.

  7. Loving your new wall hanging, it goes beautifully! The triangles look great on the dresdens too, throw them on :oD

    Happy new year!

  8. Love your sideboard! And your Wagga is perfect above. The line of fabric you used for your Dresden is one of my lines. So Cheery! Happy New Year, Rachael!

  9. Love the sideboard and the Atomic quilt you made to hang above it. Interesting that you called the fabric broadcloth as here we would call it barkcloth. The items would be perfect in my son's decor, one of the fabrics even looks like one we used to make curtains and pillows for his first apartment! So fun to see.

  10. Wow! I LOVE both projects. Your Atomic Wagga is just out of this world wonderful! You just can't beat those retro fabrics. And you've used them so well. The sophisticated browns really play them up. It's the perfect backdrop for your new sideboard. The Dresden project, is wonderful too! Tea towel, rick rack and plaid, oh my! Happy, happy 2013! Thank you for your constant inspiration!!

  11. What a fabulous wagga! Perfect with your new sideboard. I love the way they look together. It makes me smile to see some Sis Boom in that project--even if it is not seen by anyone.

    Happy 2013! And may our adventures by filled with laughter and fabric.

  12. I love it all...your work is great! I may be speaking out of turn, but I think you should hang it lower over the sideboard to show off your wonderful quilt in better proportion...just sayin....cheeky am I..sorry.

  13. I love your Atomic Wagga! I think it looks perfect above the sideboard. I can't believe it only took you one day to amazing!!
    I think your Dandy Dresdens is looking amazing too!!!!! wow!!! I think I kind of like it will lots of red and no little green border =D
    Happy New Year =D

  14. Love your wagga, it looks fab above the sideboard.

  15. Your wagga is wonderful! It goes perfectly with your sideboard and looks so fun! I don't know that I've ever seen you dandy dresdans before, but it is an extremely charming quilt. Love the plaid fabric with it!

  16. Inside out Wagga so cool. It looks great with the "new" sideboard. I'm seeing it with the cordoray quilt Oh Yeah.

    Dresdans are so 50's love'em.

  17. Atomic Wagga is fabulous and looks amazing perched above that mid century dresser. You have the best ideas!

    I love the Dresdens and for me , I love the triangles without the extra border.

    Happy New Year Rachael. May 2013 be your best year yet.

  18. Beautiful projects! Atomic Wagga looks so artsy, and just perfect for the spot. And the dresdens are fabulous. I'm liking it without the extra green border. Hope you have a happy New Year!

  19. Your Atomic Wagga is perfect, Rachael! It looks so good above your beautiful new buffet! Wonderful! And I love your Dandy Dresdens, too! Fantastic! And I love all the red with just a smidge of green. I don't think it needs that green border at all! It's wonderful! Love it!

  20. Happy New Year! Great place to start it, I have to say.
    Love the sideboard and it's decoration - Mum's sideboard is at my brother's place I think. My sister has the table and I ended up with the chairs (which were all wobbly and now are all broken beyond repair).

  21. The quilts are fabulous, I love them both and the Wagga looks like such a fun project to boot. I love your new sideboard, what a great find.

  22. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the dandy dresdans !
    I'm about to make one...I think. I personally like the idea of the skinny red border. Have a Happy New Year !

  23. Happy New Year! I adore your Dandy Dresdens. So bright and fun. I love bright and fun.

  24. Two very different quilts! Love them both. Love the new furniture too.
    Healthy & Happy & Quilty 2013 to RD & Gbf!

  25. your sideboard is so great! I love the retro look and the quilt you made is perfect for it! what cool fabrics and motifs.
    I have never heard of wagga, so I'll have to look into that.
    Your DP are so upbeat and fun. The dancing plates are so fun and the rick rack is the best - you are too fun as usual!!
    gorgeous breakfast spot
    Happy New Year Rachael, thanks for being such a great bloggy friend :)

  26. Great sideboard and fantastic barkcloth quilt! I like the triangles with the skinny green border. You're amazing!

  27. What a gorgeous quilt and compliments your new sideboard tremendously!!!
    Love your dresdans, its going to be a gorgeous quilt, Id add a bit of green too!

  28. Oh Rachael your quilt is perfect for your sideboard....I love it! Wishing you a great 2013 with all the very best of everything, and of course More Quilting! Megalong Tea Rooms...a perfect start to the day xo

  29. Happy Belated 2013!! Your new sideboard is just lovely but the wagga is amazing!! I absolutely love it and that red and green quilt.. oh my...!!!


  30. Oh wow, so much wonderful quiltiness! Love your retro wagga - it's perfect with your beautiful sideboard. (I grew up with those kinds of fabrics - what a flashback!).

    And your fancy Dresdens are too cute! Love it all! I'm not sure you need that green border. Maybe as the binding instead. Either way, it's just darling and so fun!

    Happy New Year to you! I hope it's filled with fun and lots of quilt-y goodness.

  31. That quilt is perfectly suited for that space, and a great use of the scrap fabrics!

  32. I LOVE your wagga!!! I have just discovered barkcloth (Well I think it's barkcloth. I found some in hubby's shed being used as a rag. It is floral. That has been rescued and washed. Also some in my deceased aunt's fabric stash also floral. And some on the back of a crochet rug my sis-in-law made my husband. That has pictures of old british soldiers on it and green plaid. i really want to do something with them and the wagfa sounds perfect! Also the teatowel dresden looks gorgeous! Love the idea!


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