Friendly Friday- Jan of Sew Surprising

It's Friendly Friday again! Today I'm featuring Jan of Sew Surprising. Jan chose not to do an interview but they say a picture is worth a thousand words so lets enjoy a few thousand words. 

Jan made the most awesome house block , I love that it's so modern.. very Frank Lloyd Wright! Such a perfect choice of fabrics. That bricked chimney is wonderful and I would love to have a door that exact shade of red in real life. 

Jan also recently surprised me with this amazing bag too. 

It's a wonderful patchwork of so many fun fabrics, lots with a sewing theme. 

and just look at what it says...

SEW! You can't quite tell from the photos that this bag is BIG. I put a folded queen size quilt in there to make the bag look full, and there was still room for more things! This is going to be my sewing class bag. I'll be able to retire the very unglamourous plastic bag I've been using. I always take a lots of bits and pieces, half my sewing room, but this bag will fit everything! I'll be the sewing belle of the ball wherever I go with this super tote. 
 It even has big beautiful pockets, fully lined with yummy fabrics.

I heart that heart!!

The coolest bag ever!!!! I love it!!!

Here's another fun bag Jan made for her friend who looks after children. 
 How perfectly cute!!

This spiderweb quilt reminds me of Australian opals. 

How fabulous is this scrappy quilt, so many different fabrics to catch your eyes and the grey centers give a sense of uniformity. 

When she's not creating fun bags and groovy quilts Jan's whipping up zillions of bright happy pillowcases for charities. 

Pop over to Sew Surprising to see what else Jan get's up to. She hasn't posted in a while but maybe she will if a few people say hello. 

Have a super fun weekend everyone!

Friendly Friday- Jan of Sew Surprising


  1. I LOVE the house Jan designed for you! How modern! And what an awesome bag! It is a beauty!!!

  2. Wonderful showcase of Jan's work. You are such a good friend.

    The bag is just so you..

  3. That bag is amazing! Yes, you WILL be the belle of the sewing ball. Love that house too. I'm off to go visit Jan. Thanks!

  4. Super cool quilt bag. Such a great friend.:)

  5. I love the house block, it reminds me of retro architecture.
    The stuff Jan makes is awesome, love, love the bags.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh wow!! I would love a bag like that. I may have to make myself one after the holidays. :)

  7. well how lucky are you! Love that tote bag, aren't gifts from other quilters treasures.
    We can appreciate the time and effort put into the project .
    just love her fabric choices, I really need to find more novelty fabrics

  8. that bag is FABULOUS. what fun fabrics and i love the heart too.
    great house, looks modern and cool.
    love her log cabin.
    what a fun post and what a talented friend!

  9. I love Jan's modern house block! It's really great. I think the chimney is my favorite part =D
    Jan's bags are amazing too!!!!! I love all of the patchwork!!!

  10. I love Jan's house block - so nice to see a modern house!

  11. Your neighborhood of house blocks is going to be so varied. I love that and can't wait to see it come together!

    Jan does great work and your huge bag will be a cheery way to organize a lot of stuff for class.

  12. Love the block and that bag is fab, tote it with pride!

  13. Oh, I love that bag she made you! Wonderful! And her house block is awesome!

  14. That's an awesome house block, love it.
    How lucky are you, that tote is amazing, perfect for quilting/sewing classes.

  15. What a fantastic take on the house block. However that bag is just awesome!!!!! You will enjoy toting it around.

  16. Oh my gosh I love that block! I this going to look so cool in your quilt.
    The bag is amazing and so big, perfect for classes. Is it a pattern or her own design?


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