I must say I was amazed at huge response and wonderful comments about my hexagons!!  shucks - thanks everyone!!

I thought I'd do a post with a few random notes about my blocks.

I'm not using a pattern for this quilt. My main inspiration was Mary of Molly Flanders and her wonderful big hexagon blocks. It was around the time she was making hers when I was sorting through my boxes of Sis Boom fabric and had one of those light bulb moments, I just knew I had to make some. Given the large scale of some of the Sis Boom prints it just seemed to make sense to leave the centers as solid feature fabrics.

As for fussy cutting  I've been a big admirer of Melody from House on the Side of the Hill's Wednesday Hexagon posts. She has shown me that hexagons and fussy cutting go hand in hand.

I'm using 1 inch hexagons. Once I choose my fabric combination I make a "ring" of the first row of hexagons. I lay that over the feature fabric and move it around till the feature pattern is where I want it. Pin it down and simply applique the hexagon ring down. Then it's just a matter of adding the 2nd ring of hexagons. Easy peasy!
Fussy cutting is much easier with my super template. And paper clips are brilliant for keeping the fabric in place when I'm basting. I don't use glue, I don't have anything against it, I just find it's as easy and enjoyable to sew the fabric around the papers.

 To try out a fussy patterns without cutting precious fabric you can draw the design onto your hexagon papers and play around with those.
I still haven't decided on the final layout for the quilt. I try a different setting every few days. I am such a ditherer when it comes to these decisions, in fact it's a wonder that I ever finish any quilts. :) In the meantime I'll keep sewing some more blocks and see where they lead me.