Fun Times at Quilt Camp

        Here are some random shots of our fun weekend away.

I always have say hello to ThomAss, who we think is actually Thomasina. She has such a soft sweet nose and cute ears.

Fire Engine!!!!

The camp is tucked away amongst these beautiful vistas.  Bronwyn and I enjoyed morning walks to stretch our legs before busy days of sewing.

Skippy and his mum were having breakfast at the same time we were.

We were very well fed!!

I liked the pattern made by a row of tongs in the kitchen...
A spoon for every occasion.

 The room was full of the hum of machines as we explored our fancy stitches in Ann's class

Bronwyn's batik leaves will become a knitting bag.

For Ann's class I used brights... 

and for Chris's class I used creams and whites... 

Pam had fun playing with colour

 Chris's Magic Suitcase of Tremendous Trimmings!!

Saturday night Show and Tell!
 Lorraine's beautiful peacock quilt.

Sue's lovely lollipop applique.

Some of the group showing off our workshop projects.

Are you wondering about the fire engine? 

Or should I say Fire EngineS !!! 

It was just a false alarm but it was rather exciting!!!

 Never a dull moment!!

Thanks Chris and Ann for another super fun Quilt Camp. 

Fun Times at Quilt Camp


  1. Firemen - oooooh
    I hope we get to see more than just a sneak peek of what you made in Chris's class.
    I love the pattern made by the tongs too.

  2. When are you going to show off what you made? I am loving the neutrals! And the leaves!!!

  3. Love those bright leaves and you can't beat a man in a uniform to liven up your day ;-)

  4. glad you had a great time at retreat.......and pleased you didn't need the fire trucks........

  5. Thomass.. I like that! Oh and the magic suitcase, and the fire trucks and the firemen!!!
    I like your bright leaves. Those tongs and ladles do make a nice pattern.
    Looks like a wonderful weekend away!

  6. So glad you had a wonderful weekend. The menu looked delicious. Totally my type of food. The workshops look great! What are you going to do with your workshop pieces?
    The fire trucks had obviously heard reports about 'smokin sewing machines' (or a bevvy of hot mammas)!

  7. What a wonderful sewing retreat! It must be so inspiring!It looks like your quilting was on FIRE!!! Are you sure you didn't need the firemen????

  8. What a wonderful weekend, sounds just about perfect. That peacock quilt is spectacular.

  9. It looks like a lot of fun and looks like you also accomplished a lot too. Both sets of leaves are making me think about a leaf quilt I want to make.

  10. No 'roos or donkeys at my quilt camp -- yours looks so exotic! Love your leaves! So glad you had a good time!

  11. Incredible! I'm sure Thomasina was sharing lots of great stories with you. Just the kind of inspiration you need for a quilting weekend. And those projects! Wow. Love your bright leaves and can't wait to see it all put together.

    So glad you had this weekend.

  12. Oh go on, admit it, one of you pulled the alarm so you could wrap up a fabulous weekend with hunky men ;o)

  13. Oh go on, admit it, one of you pulled the alarm so you could wrap up a fabulous weekend with hunky men ;o)

  14. Hai avuto un bel divertimento!!!!!!

  15. wow what a lot of fun. wonderful projects, a sweet donkey, and handsome men in uniform running for you? lol.
    The leaves are so lovely, and what great fabrics.
    Saturdays menu looks delicious -
    glad you had such a great time.

  16. I can tell you think your dbf is the best ever cos there was no mention of men in uniform! LOL
    Looks like a great weekend away :-)

  17. So much fun! Looks like you were treated like queens. LOVE your leaves. I'll look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  18. Mmmmm that menu looks sensational, so what wonderful creation are you doing with the leaves? Sounds like a perfect weekend BMD :)

  19. How did I miss this adorable post?!? Look at all those cute animals!!!! I love your little creations! Your leaves are so pretty and colorful. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I'm glad the fire was just a false alarm.


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