It's Friendly Friday time and I'm so happy to feature Beth of Smazoochie. I just love Her and her quilts!! She's definitely on my list of people I'd love to sew with one day. I really admire the way Beth plays with form and pattern, and how those factors work with different fabrics. You'll find this out as you read on... Okay Beth it's over to you...

"I have quilts or quilt tops made by my grandmother, great grandmother & great grandmother. The quilting bug skipped my Mom -- though she did piece some blocks, guided by her grandmother. It was a stack of her 4-patch blocks that started me quilting. I set them together in the late 70s and I was hooked."

"I love geometry & pattern, a big field of repeating shapes makes my heart sing. I also love cloth & color. Put these together & you have Quilting! Put me in my sewing room playing with fabric, in front of my sewing machine joining pieces & you will see a Very Happy Person!"

"I guess my quilting motto would be "Don't worry". I sometimes see people truly stressed about color placement or seam alignment -- it makes me sad. I wish they could find joy in the clashing colors, in their wonky (or not wonky enough) seams. Quilting is fun! Quilting is play!"

"I have a whole fleet of sewing machines -- though truthfully, only 3 are my real day-to-day machines, each with their specialty. I would wish at least 2 machines for every quilter -- unfortunately, machines do sometimes need some medical attention; with 2 machines, you should never be unable to sew."

"My music tastes are as varied as my fabric preferences. I love Lyle Lovett, Pink Martini, Dinah Shore, ZZ Top, Queen, the Beatles. But often I just sew in the peace & quiet of my room."

"Now we have 2 cats. The calico (of course! all quilters should have a calico!), Pippa, is often helping or hindering me when I sew. The tuxedo, Louis, sometimes drops by to stir things up. All my fabric has a scrim of cat hair."

"I wanted Rachael's cottage to be made of daisies -- & some bluebonnets to represent me in Texas, to be slightly traditional but kind of not traditional & to have a wild-ish combination of pattern (I don't have her skill for exuberant pattern & color combinations, but I am working on it!). I started thinking of her collection of houses as Daisy Town & as I made my block, I kept singing to myself about it to the tune of "Funky Town"! I think it will be a fun place to live!"
Thank you Beth!! Blue Bonnets and Blue Daisies rock the house together!!!  Hello happy smiley door. I love that this house block is so modern and yet honours tradition with HST's used for the roof. And don't you think the roof looks a bit like a sail boat, which is so perfect because I recently discovered Beth enjoys sailing.
So are you wondering why Beth's blog is called Smazoochie? to find out pop over here and you'll find out.  

Have a great weekend everyone!!!