Some presents look too beautiful too open. Especially ones wrapped in polka dot tissue paper and a tied with a bright red ribbon!!

.. but when this pretty package had arrived from across the oceans from the lovely LeeAnn of Nifty Quilts I knew it was bound to have something super special inside ... and I was right... it contained an amazing house block!! I love it because it's soooo Nifty but sooooo made for me! There's little Rachaeldaisy doing a happy dance...

That bird fabric!! OMG - Wow!!! She knows I love my chattering, colourful birds...
and of course Blue Daisies!!!
I couldn't be happier with my beautiful house block!!
And this gorgeous card too!!! Thank You!!!
It came about when LeeAnn asked for some vintage fabrics for a quilt she was making. She wanted to include fabrics from bloggy friends to create a special quilt. I sent her an odd assortment of bits and pieces. I've often thought I'd like to make a Bloggy Friendship quilt using house blocks. I mentioned it to Lee Ann and she kindly took me up on my request. Lucky me!!

If you think it would be fun to make me a house block for my Bloggy Friendship Quilt this is the brief:-

Any Style- traditional, modern, stitched, applique, pieced or even just a piece of fabric with a house pattern on it...
Any Colours - one colour, two colours or a zillion colours, bright, pastel, civil war, modern, you name it, I really do love all fabrics and colours!
Any Size- There'll always be a way of piecing all the blocks together no matter what size they are.

And in return I'll make you a block of your choice or let me know if there's some fabrics you'd like that I might have in my magic cupboard.

Wouldn't it be fun if we all made Bloggy Friendship Quilts and swapped blocks with each other!!!
One big giant bee buzzing all around the world. :)