Don't you just love paper clips!! They're such a simple design and yet so handy.

I use them to hold my fabric in place when I'm tacking my hexagons, otherwise I sometimes end up with crooked seams, because I'm busy day dreaming or chatting away. It's especially handy for lining up fussy cut hexis. I learnt this tip from Melody on The House of The Side Of The Hill Blog. Her fussy hexagon flowers are amazing!
I know some of you'll will be thinking why dosen't she use a glue pen? Well, call me old fashioned but I enjoy basting hexis. It dosen't take long and it's satisfying to see a little pile that you've just sewn.
Sometimes I play little games with the paper clips while I sew. I usually just mix up all the colours without thinking. But other times I go for a more coordinated look.
My hexis are more a side project, great for filling in time, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, after dinner when I'm chatting to Gbf, or a quiet afternoon listening to quilty podcasts. All those times have added up over the past few months and the quilt idea in my head is starting to appear.
I haven't sewn down all of the the hexi rings yet. I keep swapping them around to see what combinations I like the best. They'll each have 2 rings, it'll look more interesting that way, more depth and colour play.
I've raided my Sis Boom collection for these. I'm pretty sure I've included a bit of fabric from 11 of Jennifer Paganelli's beautiful fabric ranges. It's only missing her latest - Girl's World Vibe and there'll be Crazy Love coming out in March but I'm sure some of those fabrics will find a place in this quilt.
It's wonderful when names for quilts come to you as you sew. So far I've come up with Sis Boom Blooms or Jennifer's Garden, but we'll see, it'll be a while before this quilt it finished.

I've also been quilting my Dancing In Your Head quilt. I happy to say I've finished! I just have to sew the binding on and it's a wrap! I'll post glamour shots of it when it's done.

I hope you're having as much fun with your projects as I've been having with mine!