Hello Emu

I promised to show photos of my Oi Emu! quilt when it was finished... Voila!!

A big thanks to Gbf for hanging it up for me. I think he knows I'd be dangerous if I was let loose with a drill! Or maybe he's seen my wonky lines and is worried about what angle the quilt would hang at. Lol!!
Some people have asked where I found the Emu panel. Well, There's a short answer and a long answer.... The short answer is a shop called Cloth.

The long answer...This gorgeous shop stopped me in my tracks when I first walked by a few years ago. It's located a few blocks from Sydney's Central train station. And on the way to a place I would work every second Wednesday. Being an early bird the shop was always closed as I went by but that didn't stop me from peeking through the windows at all the fabric goodness. Even their Closed sign was the coolest I'd ever seen...One day I decided I had to go in when the shop was...


The nature of the business is screen printing "the old fashioned way". They enjoy working with linen, hemp and organic cottons. Awesome furnishing fabrics that make me want to redecorate my house!

If you look past the amazing rose curtain you can see an Emu print on canvas.
The clever Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession knows a good thing when she sees it and has been incorporating their fabrics in quilts, skirts and other crafty craftiness. Cloth have now released a range of quilting weight cottons called Working Cloth. Check out these fabulous big spots!!

Cloth have also produced bed linen in big bold contemporary designs. Julie Patterson's amazing Banksia flower designs are inspired by the banksias that grow in the Blue Mountains, no wonder I love those prints.

There's those wonderful banksias again!!

The shop front isn't huge but every corner is full of chic, cool, elegant inspiration.

Oh the sheer loveliness of it all!!

I would have loved to have purchased bolts of yummy Cloth...

but it was Mr Emu who called me over and talked me into buying him. I bought a little bundle of fabric off cuts to keep him company. Some of which also made their way into Oi Emu.

So that's the story of where I found the Emu. Isn't it wonderful that the fabrics we use have stories behind them.
Hello Emu


  1. What a shop! So many wonderful temptations.

    Your Emu quilt really sets off that wall! Splendid.

    (I get the same sort of reaction when it comes to power tools.)

  2. The shop is way too cool! But your quilt takes the prize-it's beautiful & looks great where you have it! Swoon!!!!!

  3. Wow I love Oi Emu! It's absolutely fabulous. Lots to look at it and doesn't it look just perfect hanging on your wall. You are so clever and talented.
    That shop looks great, if I ever come to Sydney again I will put that on my list of must sees.

  4. Rachael,
    Your quilt is gorgeous. I love your hand quilting on it. Those colors are so earthy and modern, they go well with your chairs!
    You are so lucky living close to a fabulous fabric shop.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, I've been to Sydney and through Sydney about 6 times in the last 2 years but they were short visits and I didn't know this shop existed. I'll have to visit when I'm down there early next year :).
    Love your Oi Emu quilt and the colouring is great. Lol, is a kangaroo quilt next on the list?

  6. What a truly unique and amazing quilt! I can see this being a family heirloom, with its incredible fabric and wonderful design! Thanks for the tour of "Cloth". I will be stopping in there next time I'm in Sydney! Shall I stop by for you first?

  7. Oi Emu looks so pretty on your wall!! It is such a gorgeous quilt! Cloth looks like an amazing shop. I definitely would have a hard time not going in there! I'm so happy you showed us around!!

  8. It is lovely to see your quilt hanging in your home. Your emu quilt is wonderful! The fabrics work so well and I love your design.
    Thank you also for the photographic tour of the shop. What a wonderful place. I will have to keep that on my list of shops to see - one day!

  9. Wow, what a fabulous shop! I love all the curtains and wall hangings, and that sofa fabric under the roses is GREAT! Of course, your emu is a work of art, and it is perfect over those two lovely chairs! Well done!

  10. The quilt looks so good! Just your style.
    What a lovely shop too.

  11. Bellissima la trapunta emu!
    Il negozio è favoloso!

  12. Your emu quilt is lovely, and it looks as if its in the perfect place to be shown, I have quilt envy ;)

  13. Wow! Thanks for the introduction to Cloth! I love it when folks have a great idea and run with it...so creative. And speaking of creative...how about you, Rachael!!! I adore the Emu quilt with the pops of mustard and orange. It is truly a fabulous quilt - I only wish I could see it up close and personal! Well done, Rachael!

  14. What a fun shop! Your Emu quilt is PERFECT with those chairs! A very appealing setting together.

  15. Your quilt looks PERFECT in that space.

    I can see why you used to press your nose on the glass of that shop. The black and white sofa is amazing.

  16. It is sooooo cool Rachael!! And it looks so great with those chairs. You really should enter it in some contemporary quilt shows/comps.

    Lucky I don't live in Sydney cos that shop looks really dangerous!!

  17. love your emu and what a fabulous shop!!

  18. Your emu quilt is just stunning Rach, i love it hanging behind those armchairs - it looks fabulous! Gorgeous shop too!


  19. It looks super hanging up. I have a bag of red scraps from Cloth somewhere in my house. Does Gbh ever ask why your quilting lines aren't straight?

  20. Oh Rachael you must've been so happy to be able to go in when it was open...what a fantastic looking shop...Love your quilt...it looks great above the chairs!!!

  21. Your quilt is so wonderful and it looks perfect hanging in the spot above the chairs.
    That is one fabulous store! Wow I would not know where to look first. Very inspirational!

  22. Did you plan the quilt to go in that spot above the chairs? Because it is absolutely perfect there!

  23. Your emu quilt is truly a work of art, and so beautifully displayed in your home!!! I just LOVE IT!! Thanks for the eye candy tour of the Cloth shop as well. I keep going back to look at your quilt over and over.

  24. I wish I had a shop like that near me!
    incredible and so inspiring !
    can't wait to see what you buy next from them to make into another quilt!

  25. Your quilt looks so great with those chairs! What a nice nook they make.
    That store looks incredible.
    Thanks for the fun tour - I wish I had a store like that for inspiration.

  26. I love how it looks on your wall! Thanks for taking us shopping with you at Cloth, it looks like so much fun. have they seen what you did with Mr. Emu? I am sure they would be pleased.

  27. Hi, Rachael. Really like the emu quilt. Very subtle coloring, good design, very interesting!
    Happy holiday stitching!
    best, nadia


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