The other day I was listening to some Christmas carols. My toes were tapping and I was singing in my most festive voice along to Silent Night when all of a sudden an announcement was made over the radio...

It was a news flash about how Santa had been seen beating his reindeer.
"That couldn't be the real Santa. He would never hit his beloved reindeer!" I exclaimed.
I jumped into my little Blue Mountain Daisy Mobile and off I went to the North Pole to investigate.

I drove through streets full of people Christmas shopping, a happy buzz of excitement.
I put my pedal down and raced to the North pole, I knew I had to get there in time to save Christmas!! Vrroommm!!
After a while I saw some snowmen and figured I must be getting close to Santa's Workshop. I stopped to ask directions, At first they gave me an icy stare and a cold shoulder but I asked ever so nicely and warmed their hearts a little. They said Santa's Workshop was just a bit further down the road.
In no time I was there and as I hopped out of my car a Green Santa came rushing over with a menacing look on his face.
" Ha" I said "Santa isn't really green! I knew it- You're an Impostor!!"

And before he could say anything I took a deep breath and said loudly in a big clear voice "Bah! Humbug! Bah! Humbug!"
And believe it or not it worked!! The nasty green Santa shrunk into a very surprised little puppy and then he scampered away.

The real Santa came out of hiding and we all danced a merry jig to celebrate!!
The reindeer were so happy that they gave me a ride around Santa's gardens.

I helped Santa's little helpers wrap presents for all the good little boys and girls.
And then we all had cups of delicious cocoa.

And enjoyed singing a few rounds of "Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas".

And we were all as happy as a pink poodle dressed for Christmas in reindeer horns.

The End.

No reindeer were harmed during the making of this story and No new fabric was purchased to make this post, it was all from my stash of many surprises. :)