Now that the springy weather is warming up we're spending more time on our outdoor deck, enjoying the view. I cant help but notice that cream wooden beam really could use a lick of paint. Ugh , sooo drab!

I don't mind painting but I would rather be sewing!!

So that's what I did!!

It couldn't have been simpler. All I used was a couple of packets of bias binding and a selection of my favourite Sis Boom fabrics.

I used pinky shears to trim the edges, some easy straight line sewing and in an hour I was done!! It was such a fun, super quick sewing fix!!

It's beautiful seeing the sun shine through the fabrics, making them glow. The breeze makes them dance a merry jig. I've decided to call them Happy Flags , because they make me happy.
Now I find myself looking more at the bunting than the view. :)