Playing Favourites

I love fancy dress parties! One of the best themes I've ever come across was Wear the thing in your wardrobe that you love but never wear.

Two of my favourite bloggers Suz of PatchworknPlay and Mary of Molly Flanders are co-hosting of a linky party with a similar theme. To show off our very favourite fabrics. The ones we're almost too scared to cut into or we only use in little pieces to ration out the magic. It's nice to get them out and shake their little booties in a fabric dance of appreciation.

Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE Nuala by Sis Boom, especially in the red/aqua colourway. I had a mere half a meter and used it in a hexagon quilt, the scraps were used in a happy scrappy quilt... and only then did I realise it was out of print and I couldn't get any more! Arrghh!!

It explains why I'm so crazy in love with the newly released Matilda from Sis Boom's West Indies range.
Some might say obsession, but I say it's passion that has lead me to my present project of a whole quilt of Matilda with some Nuala in different colours. It's just waiting for borders now.

As for my other fabrics, I have a cupboard full of favourites!! I know they've all got their place at the right time, in the right project. But here's a few to make you smile...

Liberty's of London is so popular. These next two are my little Liberty's collection. So pretty and yet a bit disturbing... houses on fire... factory pollution...
Playing I Spy with this fabric reveals motorbikes, planes, machine guns, lacy knickers..

The next fabric is by Heather Ross. Her portrayal of people at swimming pools is just so sweet and fun.
I love anything by Suzuko Koseki. I haven't put this fat quarter away in my cupboard yet, I like having it around to look at.

One more to show you. I'm not sure what this fabric is called but it's by Joel Dewbury from his Deer Valley range. I like to think of the little flower as a blue daisy. The red is so scrumptious.
Are you curious about what I wore to that themed party? Well, here I am, 20 years and 20 kilos ago..
If you want to join in the Fabric Favourite fun pop over to Suz's or Mary's blogs
Playing Favourites


  1. Welcome to our party! You do have such a way with words Rachael! " ration out the magic" - priceless! And who else could use machine guns and frilly knickers in the one sentence! Are you sure you shouldn't be writing a book? I LOVE that Heather Ross swimming pool fabric!! Thanks for coming-can I get you a glass of champagne? ;-)

  2. Look at you! You shine just as brightly twenty years on as you did when you pulled that dress out of your closet.

    I'm so glad you have Matilda to ease the pain of not having stocked up on Nuala. And yes, it's passion. Definitely not obsession. Most definitely NOT!

  3. First of all - Rachael you are such a beauty!!! And look at you, even 20 yrs ago you were hanging out by a quilt!! Great fabrics you have there. Jennifer Paganelli was just up the road from me today! She was at the Country Living Fair...I heard that she will hopefully be stopping at our shoppe next year! Yay! So you could come for a visit this time next year and meet Jennifer herself :)

  4. Love your fabrics & adore your giant flying-geese-y, birds-in-flight-y quilt! And you were younger & thinner but not more beautiful!

  5. Love your choice of fabrics. Isn't it fascinating how quirky yet appealing some can be. Lovely selection.
    And what wonderful memories of 20 years ago!

  6. Stunningly beautiful!!! and the fabric is nice as well! =)
    I do love the "I spy" fabric alot!!

  7. Gosh twenty years ago where was all this fabulous fabric that's so tempting we want it all. I think you seem to have quite an ecclectic collection. Cutey photo of you back then too.

  8. Love the photo of you back then.
    I missed out on Nuala as it was before I started back into quilting, but at least I now have some Matilda in my stash.
    You have a very eclectic bunch of fabrics there, but I think they are all lovely. The only one I have is the last one, and I have a fat quarter of it left.

  9. Those Liberty fabrics are great, I love the first one. I also love the Heather Ross swimming pools....cute and so summer.

    You look gorgeous in that, did you buy it for a special occasion? Look at the quilt you are standing next to as well....wonderful :-)

  10. And you haven't changed a bit. I'm not good at fancy dress because I never know what to go as.

    That's sure an eclectic collection of faves you have there. I love the Dewberry fabric too...

    I've got some Meadowsweet I bought two years ago. Occasionally I take it out and fondle it and then out it away for when the perfect project comes along. That may never happen since I don't think I could cut into it.

  11. Thanks for all that fabric eye candy Rachael! I have never seen those Liberty prints before - how random are they?! You look very cute in you little pink dress!

  12. ...and twenty years on and youre still a stunner! Stunning fabrics too there Rach , i love that Heather Ross print!


  13. That quilt block screams "Rachael"'s fabulous! Love all those colors playing with each other!

    And I'm in love with those Liberty's of London fabrics! How fun are they!?! Look at those awesome trees, and the little sprite running gleefully, and headstones, and bunnies riding bicycles! Holy cow! What fun! I think the artist was a little touched, but we love that! HA!

    And it's amazing how you were able to fill out that dress, when you were only 7 at the time! Wow! Way to go! :o)

  14. I love your selection Rachael! I guess you know the Liberty prints are by the artist Grayson Perry- I have the second one in bright pink with blue and yellow dolls/guns etc it is destined for becoming a top. Such a vibrant selection, I expect nothing less!

  15. I just love your fabric choices!!! especially the Suzuko Koseki fabric =D

    Your quilt top looks amazing!!! And you look so cute in that last picture all dressed up!!! And you're next to a quilt!!!!

  16. Love your fabrics girl! If I ever see that Nuela I will let you know! The older lines are still floating around out there!

    I have one shop in mind that MIGHT have that line anyway. Dunno about the fabric. Whenever I get over there, I will check. Not near my house so it may be a while. You just never know! =D

  17. YOU are such a DEAR....I love the lady who referred to the fabric bits as "eye candy". I have really had fun posting and looking at others favs. My fingers are crossed that you find some Nuala...6 yards!!!! I too have twenty years and forty pounds of experience!!! :)

  18. Hi all your fabrics...quite a different collection you have there!!! Gorgeous pink dress you are wearing...mmmm, what 20 years does for people...I too am in the same boat...but having fun along the way!!! Have a great week...Dzintra

  19. oh just look at you! what a pretty dress and the quilt on the wall? is it a quilt, coverlet?
    ok I just LOVE< LOVE<LOVE your new quilt
    very fun and graphic, what I am always trying to achieve
    graphic lately.
    thanks for sharing all these beautiful fabrics!

  20. Lots of gorgeous fabrics but you saved the best for last! You look fabulous. Thanks for the retro photo.

  21. Love our glamor shot! The 80s looked good on you!
    Love the birdie fabrics and they have made a great quilt.

  22. Aren't you adorable in your cute little dress! I love the ladies in hats very 1960's!!

  23. I feel your pain at cutting into much loved fabric....I have been known to re-buy fabric just to go back into my stash after using it all up. Sad, isn't it.
    I do think though, that I may have some of Sis Blooms' Nuala in that colourway......Want me to go look?

  24. What lovely fabric! The one at the top is beautiful and I can see why its a favorite.

    Snazzy beautiful dress! It is fun to do that on occasion. I hope you haven't waited 20 years to do that again.


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