While The Cat's Away...

Once a month I attend a Saturday class held by Chris Jurd, the quilter extraordinaire, but this month she was called away. Happily that didn't stop us classy ladies getting together for some sewing fun times.

So what did the mice get up to ...

Sue worked on her Oriental Beauty blocks. She's making enough for 3 quilts and has a huge pile of gorgeous pointy blocks. When Sue gets set up she sews she's like a Grand Prix racer flying through her projects! Every now and then she'd hold up one with extra pretty fabrics or another that particularly popped.
Lorraine was working on her Lots Of Dots circles for a little while until she went ...
and helped Alice pin baste 3 quilts!
After the basting was finished Alice enjoyed the sun and sunny chatter.
There wasn't a lot of Show and Tell this month but here's Alice's Friendship Circle. I think she's using it to make a big table topper.
And then we come to Janice, thinking hard about the placement of her blocks for a baby quilt.
Once she'd decided on the layout, she clicked into gear and whipped this little quilt up in no time!
The hand embroidered teddy bear blocks were very cute and we all agreed the alphabet border fabric was fabulous!!
So what did I do? besides chatting ... I sewed little piles... of foundation piecing pieces. I still have to trim them and sew them together to create circles but still, they're there ready to go. I'll do my best to get at least one circle sewn together this week.
We missed Pam and Bronwyn who had other obligations but we'll see them at Sewing Camp in August for more fun times and serious sewing. :-)

A special thanks goes out to Gbf who made us a very tasty Zucchini cake. It was full of nuts, currants (which he used instead of sultanas) and lots of yummy things which he then topped with a lemon icing. Oops, I forgot to take a photo but here's the link to the recipe. It comes highly recommended!
I'm beginning to think I should start another blog called " MasterChef Gbf " all about the dishes he cooks. For example this is what he cooked on Saturday night...

Trout stuffed full of leek and prosciutto, wrapped in prosciutto, cooked on a bed of Spanish onions in apple cider. It was delicious!

I'd say all in all I had a pretty fabulous Saturday!!!

While The Cat's Away...


  1. Love that baby quilt! I was admiring the quilt hanging up in the background (behind Alice) , it has a Autumn feel to it. Love it! Looks like you had a fun filled Saturday!

  2. Good Morning Rachael...lots of good work done by the ladies...even while the cat's away ha ha!!! Good looking fish there...if it was dinner time I would want to reach in and have one...I ended up starting another blog for my cooking as well so go for it!!! Have a great day...Dzintra

  3. I can't wait to see more of your piecing. I see happy polka dots in there.

    (And I will never be disappointed to see food posts here or on another blog.)

  4. happy Morning the quilting day looked and sounded like fun. Always nice to share with others. Like the dots.
    Trout stuffed with oh great stuff. I'm sure you enjoyed it all as a prelude to the finish of the race. Have a good one.

  5. Wow! The quilts look like fun and you are working on something very interesting there! I am loving all the spots! Geez...does he hire out to cook? I am impressed :)

  6. What a happy, helpful and productive little quilt group you belong to, Rachael. I love your spotty fabrics, and Alice's Friendship Circle, and the embroidered teddies, and ... Oh, it all looks such fun! What a bonus having sunshine too, after the wet cold week.

  7. I would love to get together with other quilters and have some sewing fun! i love those circle blocks you make you are very clever.

    You are also truly spoilt having GBF cook you up those amazing dishes!

    Have a great week!


  8. Lurve your dotty paper piecing missy! roll on the 12th!!!

  9. Siete tutte belle e molto brave....anche a cucinare....

  10. What a nice way to relax and have a bit of fun!

  11. Fun! You have reminded me that I must start our sewing group again! Otherwise life gets in the way & we forget to catch up.
    GBF looks like a fabulous cook! Lucky girl :)


  12. Lots of quilty goodness in this post, I love your paper pieced spotty fabric.
    Lucky you to have Gbf to cook some yummy food. Both dishes sound yummy.

  13. It is always wonderful to share sewing time in lovely company. Great to see what everyone is making too. But what struck me in the photos is the lovely light bright and airy room that you had. Fantastic!

  14. Your Gbf and MrPnP could have a cook-off! yum! Nice to see the sun shining somewhere in Australia too! Nice work ladies!

  15. Your class looks like fun. Wow I wish hubby could cook like that....in fact I wish I could cook like that ;-)

  16. Thanks for introducing your sewing pals. So glad you had a great day. Those sort of days sustain us for a while.

  17. Love your circles, they look like fun to make. What a friend helping baste 3 quilts, I need her to come visit me!
    Yes you should start a cooking blog for Gbf, the fish dish looks yummy! My husband cooks everything in the microwave on high for 10 minutes!? He could use some lessons...

  18. i just love sewing days with friends! i attend a modern quilt guild meeting once every two months and i always leave feeling so refreshed from being around such talented and kind ladies!

  19. I must say Im slightly jealous that you have a sewing group to go to because it looks like you have a HUGE amount of fun there.

    That food looks delicious. The projects look pretty cool too! Love that circle . Im really interested to see that one come together.

  20. You can't go wrong with dots and it looks like you all had a fabulous stitching time. I think gbf must enjoy cooking, he seems to have a talent there.


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