The Cat In the Quilt

Hello, Here I am!! I'm back!!

I've been such a busy worker bee lately that I haven't had much time to sew but I did add something to my Cattywampus quilt. There were a few comments about the quilt that inspired me...

Kat said "This is brilliant! So many things to look at and admire. I could get lost in it for an hour lol...
And what about doggadogsberry ... just continuing with the animal theme :)"

Robyn said "Great quilt! Another thing to add to my bucket list. I can't think of any names like Cattywampus but I think you should have one with a dog mention in it too and some dogs as I can't see any in the cattywampus :)."

These comments brought to my attention the feline aspects of the quilt's name. And although it's a bit of an I spy of random things and has elephants, horses, birds I realised Cattywampus really needed a Cat !

Then Mary said " Love the quilt and Cattywumpus is perfect! It is very Willy Wonkish sounding.....or Doctor Suess-ish! The stitching is fun! It is a great, bright, cheerful quilt!"

Ah ha , I thought - Dr Seuss!!! Perfect, I've got some Cat in the Hat fabric in my stash!!

Soon after , Karen said "Fabulous quilt!!! Love the name. How many times do you stop and find particular fabrics? Kinda like a 'Where's Wally' puzzle."

Where's Wally?! - Light bulb moment!! I'll make a little patch with the cat in the hat that can be moved around the quilt so it becomes a game of hide and seek.

And that's what I did.

A little rectangle of fabric stiffened with iron on interfacing, a pin attached to the back and there you go - a mischievous Cat in The Hat that moves around.

So now Gbf and I have fun playing hide and seek with the Cat in The Quilt.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make us smile!

The Cat In the Quilt


  1. Oh Rachel you are a delight. The Cat in the Hat even has red and white stripes. So much fun maybe I should adopt it for the Grand Children.

    A Lightening McQueen to race around my GS's quilt.
    Thanx for the laugh.

  2. You make me smile, I think you must have a great sense of humour. I love all the additions, this could be the quilt that never ends, like the song.

  3. Sei una fonte di ispirazione!

  4. Perfect Rachael, I love that game and the Cat in the Hat is adorable....better hope Lucy doesn't steal him ;-)

  5. I sat down with my coffee this morning opened my reader and skimmed down the list of posts and instantly went to yours!! Such a fun quilt!!! I love it!!

  6. Yay! Welcome back! what a perfect addition to your crazy wonderful quilt - Love it!


  7. Glad you are back! The quilt is so fun! Just like a good book - it makes you go back into it for more! Perfect!

  8. What fun will never tire of playing 'hidings'...Dzintra

  9. The Cat in the Hat is the epitome of the cattywampus feline. Great idea!

    And so good to have you back in blogland.

  10. Great idea, you are too funny. I have that "house wife" fabric it!

  11. Welcome back...I've been wondering where you went.

    I LOVE the idea of "where's cat in the hat" for a quilt. That is one of the coolest ideas ever.

  12. Rachael, what a brilliant idea, it's perfect. Working so hard hasn't affected your creativity at all. Love seeing all the different fabrics you've used in the quilt.

  13. Love it and the Cat in the Hat is a perfect addition to hide in the quilt! Ha ha, who is the best 'finder' or maybe I should ask who is the best 'hider'?

  14. You are so clever. What a fabulous idea.

  15. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! You are too kool for skool miss. (and I'm such a nerd for using that phrase HAHA). I bet it will really give you and GBF a laugh.
    Thanks for linking to me. Still think cattywampus needs a doggy mate. Maybe that's my challenge :)
    PS Hope work has settled down! Looks like you're still getting some "play" in though. xx


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