Remember a while ago I went on an adventure to Magical Lands? I was curious about how it happened so I did some investigating and it seems I've discovered how to travel to other places! If I i switch my sewing machine to stitch 263 , think of a place I'd like to go, use my pedal and hey presto off I go!

It's winter now here in Australia and I was longing for some summery sun, so I decided it was a perfect excuse to go on a journey to Summersault gardens in search of the infamous Pixie Stick Posies.

So I switched my stitch, pressed the pedal and the sound of twinkling chimes sounded in my ears...

The next thing I knew I was enjoying the glorious sight of Pinwheel flowers planted in neat rows. I walked through them as their pretty petals bobbed gently in the wind and their dotty centers lit up like colourful lights.

Further along the path I came to another garden bed of large blossoms. Something about those big happy flowers made me want to do Cartwheels. WeEEEeEeeee , Round and round and round I went... WeeEEeeee
Whoa, that made me dizzy so I had a little sit down in a field of flowers literally bursting with blooms. As I sat I swear I could hear the flowers pop as their little buds opened. Pop! Pop!

After a little rest I was off on my way again, and soon found myself amongst a jungle of colour, so perfect for playing Hide and Seek. "Hello...Can you see me?"

Hee Hee... that was fun! I wondered where those Pixie Stick Posies were... I did my best not to get distracted as I followed the path up the hill and down again and around a corner and soon enough there They were!!! - The Pixie Stick Posies!!! Stripey stems and goblet shaped flowers, they were a sight to behold!
A spring sunshower appeared so I picked a Pixie Stick posie and used it as an umbrella. The little patch of raindrops soon blew over in a merry way.

I had so much fun that before I knew it the day had turned to night. I was worried Gbf would be wondering where I was so it was time to say goodbye to the Pixie Stick Posies and rush home...
I couldn't resist some more cartwheels...

and through the Popflower garden.
One last hide and seek.

and just as I started to feel some rain drops again..

I heard a twinkly chime sound,
and all of a sudden I was back home in time for dinner!
Gbf loved hearing all about my fun day!

I wonder where I'll go on my next adventure?

PS The biggest Thank You to Melissa P from 100 Million Stars for introducing me to Erin McMorris's latest range Summersault. As you can see the colours are vibrant, the patterns are fun and the feel is summer in a sunny garden. Just wonderful!!