The Springwood Community Quilt Show 2011

The Springwood Community Quilt Show is one of the highlights of my year. Over 150 wonderful, stunning, inspiring quilts! And it's in my neighbourhood!

The committee did an amazing job of keeping everything running smoothly. I volunteered on Saturday morning, selling tickets and white gloving. It's such a nice way of meeting people and hearing positive reactions about the show.

It is a non judged show but visitors are able to choose a favourite and the 3 most popular win a prize. To see the winners go the the Springwood Show blog.

I entered 4 quilts this year. They're all quilts that I never thought I'd show, but I'm glad I did because it's such a buzz to see them hanging. I received so many lovely comments about how bright and fun they were so it didn't matter that they weren't super technical show stoppers.
The quilts I was planning for the show have been bit neglected as other things come up, but that's life. Fingers crossed they'll be finished by next year, I'm working on it!

First up is Scooting Stars featuring the Sherbet Pips range. You can't tell from the photo but some of the fabrics have cute little people on scooters, hence the quilt's title.
Next is Stash Mish Mash. I made this quilt as part of the online magazine Fat Quarterly's 2010 Quiltalong. The pattern was designed to use jelly rolls but I cut 2.5 inch strips from fabrics in my stash instead. 2 lovely people chose this quilt as their 'Viewers Choice'- thank you!! And I saw someone taking a photo of it which made me really happy.

All You Need is Love is actually the backing of a quilt I made for Gbf. I thought it would be fun for any Beatles fans that attended the show. I heard a few husband's loved it.

I wasn't able to help with the hanging of the quilts this year so it was such a surprise and honour to enter the hall and see one of my quilts hanging up on the wall. The quilts hung there look so impressive. Strawberries on Ice was one of my very first quilts.
I wish I'd taken lots more photos of the quilts, but I got caught up chatting and forgot. I did manage to get a few.

This is the Deauville Quilt, by Lorraine Titcume using a Chris Jurd pattern.
A Chris Jurd stunner called Jacobean Star. I'm so in love with this quilt, it's on my to do list!!
And here is Chris's Ancient Dahlia Quilt, this quilt is simply magic!!

A new thing this year is the collectors Quilt Show bag. The school house is the perfect logo as the show raises money for the Springwood High School Textile and Hospitality departments and the P&C for spending within the School. Some funds are also donated to a designated charity, this year being the Rural Fire Service.
Armed with my special bag it seemed only sensible to get something to put into it. Some fat quarters for my stash, of course!! The brown with blue spots was Gbfs choice. He was adamant I get it. I love that he takes an interest, and it works well with the fabrics I chose.
Talking of Gbf's choices, I told him he could choose which of the 4 quilts to have on the bed after the show. Have a guess which he chose.

Ps I've had some lovely comments recently that I haven't been able to reply to because the addresses come up as "No Reply". Read here for more info.


The Springwood Community Quilt Show 2011


  1. Looks like it was a lovely quilt show! I bet Gbf chose the Beatles quilt! I love his brown/blue spots fabric too!

  2. Rachel I just posted about your Beatles quilt and then found you so have linked. It was my fave fun quilt of the show.
    really nice photos of a great Exhibition.

  3. How exciting! it must feel great to see your quilts up there on show, all of them are beautiful! Wouldnt mind a closer peek at GBF's beatles quilt though!

  4. That's so exciting seeing your quilts hanging at the show. I would love to see a close up of your Beatles quilt too.
    I like your fabric purchases, gbf has good taste too!

  5. How fantastic to see your quilts! I love the Stash Mish Mash, did Gbf pick this one?? Congratulations on the votes for the peoples choice...well deserved :-)

    I checked out the winners and the raffle prize...Love the 3 Sisters and that Miss Jane (I think thats what it was called?) What a fabulous weekend, I will have to send my girlfriend along next year for me!

  6. It is a thrill to see your quilts hanging and a good opportunity to photograph them too. I think they look fabulous and they hang so beautifully. Did GBF pick the Beatles??

  7. So glad to hear you enjoyed seeing your quilt hung in the quilt show. They looked great!

  8. Great write up on the show - I must do the same! Your quilts were beautiful and the show was a great success.

  9. Great show! Your quilts look wonderful and isn't it thrilling to see them hang?
    That Jacobean Star looks very intricate and beautiful.

  10. How fun to see your quilts there and hear people's positive reactions. That's the type of feedback that really stays with you for the long term.

    From the look of it, I'm guessing you have a few hundred ideas for future quilts. Lots of beautiful inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Sounds fun! I love that you have original names for your quilts.

  12. Your quilts are wonderful! And I clicked to close-up and kept looking at your Stash Mish Mash.....I don't think I have a single piece of any of your fabric stash! Sheesh! It was so fun seeing something SO different from my palette! You have so many fabulous colors and patterns.....if I were to start my stash over from scratch (not gonna happen...but a girl can dream!)....your kind of collection is the one I'd go for! Love it! Thanks for the pics of the show.....and how nice that the proceeds go for local charities and needs! Bravo!

  13. I really love your Shooting Stars and Stask Mish Mash quilts. The show sounds like fun, there is nothing like that around me.

  14. Hi Rachel,
    I really liked Stash Mish Mash a great way to use all the leftover fabrics. the Show was excellent with quite a variety of quilts on show. Keep up the interesting Blog.

  15. Hi the All You Need Is Love quilt!!! Was wondering if you could tell me where you got the fabric from and which pattern you used to put it together...Thanks so much...Dzintra

  16. i am new to all this and your quilt are beautifull what patten did you used val x

  17. Hi Val, Thank you for saying my quilts are beautiful. Which Quilt were you wanting a pattern for?


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