There's a beautiful new treasure in my loungeroom....

It didn't take long for the curious monkey cushion to investigate...
Not to be left out Hernando pranced to the scene " Hmmm Darlings.. Look! The little quiltie matches me!!"
Mrs Vase Lady wanders past and says " What's going on over here? Why look at that beautiful quilt! All those blue fabrics are so wonderful together!"
"Ohhh yes! And look at that perfect hand stitching and super crisp binding! Mmm, I just love a good binding! " Hernando gushes.
A pair of deers on their way to Christmas were captured by the Doll Quilt's beauty and stopped to admire.
" It's like a beautiful flower, a daisy perhaps" contemplates White Deary Deer
" I think it looks a bit like blue hills, Mountains in fact, Yes, it looks like a blue mountain range" Big Red Deer observed.
"The center circle looks like a big full moon." White Deary Deer added
Big Red starts singing "Bluue Mooon la la la... "
A 2 headed duck flew in and looked at the quilt with both heads and said "Quack Quack!!" which translated means "That quilt is Amazingly Amazing!!"
A gaggle of giggling geese soon followed and exclaimed "Such a beautiful Doll Quilt deserves a welcome party!!!"
So that's what happened! Out came the snacks, we invited the BBQ man and hung the bunting. Abba even turned up and played some tunes!!

Halfway through the party I decided it was speech time. Here's what I said:
"I'd like to send a huge Thank You to Sonia at SewHappy45 for creating the most beautiful Doll Quilt for me! I'm so honoured by all the thought, care and work she's put into it. This beauty is only 15 inches square but it has the oomph of a king size quilt. I love the choice of fabrics. Strangely I don't have any of them in my stash which is fun because they're all new to me. The hand quilting in the border is so perfect. Sonia even washed and dried the quilt before sending it so it has the slightly crinkled look that makes you want it hug it. But that's not all folks... Somehow Sonia found a fabric that looks like the edges of my blog and sent me some extra and a charm pack of Tula Pink's Plume!!! So a huge round of applause for Sonia of Sewhappy 45!!!". The crowd cheers!!!
Clink clink clink
"I want to add, Thanks to Kate from One Flew Over for organising the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap 2. The fun isn't over yet. I'll be popping back to Flickr to see who gets which quilt.". The Crowd cheers again!!

And we all get back to celebrating the arrival of our most beautiful doll quilt.