Salad Days

It's been Hot! Hot! Hot! here in Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Apparently it's been the most consecutive days of hot weather for Sydney on record.
Salads are the thing in Summer and we have all sorts of interesting combos but this is what we had last night and it was so delicious I just have to share it.
Sliced tomato, beautiful fresh leaves of basil, thin rings of spanish onion, marinated bocinccini cheese, a drizzle of the best olive oil and finished with a touch of salt and lots of cracked black pepper. So simple but all the flavours work perfectly together. Food harmony!
On the side a chilled glass of Campari, soda water, wedge of lime and ice.
Even though my sewing room is the hottest room in the house I did manage to get some sewing done today.
This is the top of my doll quilt. You can tell I had fun with the colourful brights in my stash. It's hard to tell the size of a quilt in photos , this little one is 18inches.
For the backing I did my first ever Letter piecing. Gbf thought it said Disco. It's supposed to look like DQS10.
I'm playing around with little houses for labels, one with my details and one with the details of my partner.

And yes, I know I should be finishing off my other quilts, especially with The Springwood Quilt Show coming up on the last weekend in April! and not starting anything new but it was too hot to be thinking about basting a quilt. So I made a few circles instead. They're almost as big as the dolls quilt at 16inches and are super quick to make using a dresden plate template ruler.
I've got plans for these wagon wheels but you'll have to wait to find out, in the meantime pop over to The Springwood Quilt Show blog to see what the raffle quilt has been up to.

Salad Days


  1. Oh your DQS quilt is wonderful - the colors sing! Good luck in the heat!

  2. So each of those gorgeous half square triangles are only 1 and a half inches?..................................................................................................................................................I just fainted.

  3. He's such a good cook isn't he!!
    Your sewing achievements look beautiful - I hope your swap partner loves it too. And as for those circles - my favourites!

  4. I love your DQS quilt, the colours are so vibrant. I know your swap partner will just absolutely love it.
    The salad looks just perfect for a very hot summer day and I wouldn't say no to a Campari and soda with lime either!

  5. The doll quilt is fabulous, I love the back too. Whoever is getting is is going to love it. Basil is one of my favourite herbs, the saslad looks lovely and refreshing.

  6. Great sewing and yum that salad looks delicious.

  7. The doll quilt is fabulous. Bright and colorful and full of life.

    Your salad looks like the perfect thing for a hot day. And no long hours in the kitchen either. If you have to spend any long hours in a hot place, it may as well be your sewing room. :)

  8. I'm really hoping that this quilt is coming to ME! please address the label to NYC! ;-) stay cool!

  9. You are a Steely-Eyed Quilter Woman!

  10. Rachael,
    I love that quilt! Gorgeous shots of every thing on this post! Yummm... salad!

  11. That salad is my alltime fav combo of flavors. And even better when all freshly picked straight from the garden!! Loving your doll quilt.


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