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Just thought I'd keep you in the loop and let you know of some bloggy happenings in the next few days.

Sunday 13th Feb
I think everyone must have heard of Lynne from Lily's Quilts, the super star quilter who has a knack for coming up with clever new ideas. Well, Lynne has her debut quilt for the Moda Bake Shop coming out on Sunday!! Very Exciting!! I'm sure it'll be as wonderful as all her other quilts, blocks, pincushions etc etc..
Lily's Quilts

Monday 14th February-20th February
Kat from Mumma's Time to Create is hosting a week of Blogging Etiquette. I think it's such a great idea!!! She's organised 6 different bloggers, one who has been at it for 6 years, and another teaches copyright laws. I'm sure there'll be lots to learn from this.
As for the starry photos. These were my reject stars from my doll quilt project. They were sitting on the edge of my cutting table, and in the time it would've taken me to pack them away I'd pulled out a few scraps to fill the gaps and sewn them together. I can see these with big perle cotton stitches around the stars.

Because the stars were my leftovers I thought I'd call this Consolation Constellation.

I've still got lots of half square triangles that didn't quite fit the doll quilt as well, I'll play with them another day.


In the Loop


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the blogging etiquette posts- I must drop by! And I'm so excited for Lynne!

  2. Firstly, thank you so much - a big fat smack on the chops for that - and that's a kiss, remember, not a punch! And I love love love your consolation constellation - love those wonky stars all mixed in together and I love the brights with the B+W dots. Gorgeous gorgeousness.

  3. I just love wonky stars and i certainly wouldnt be disappointed if this were my second prize!

  4. Rachael,
    Your mini star quilt is beautiful! I love all those dots dancing around the stars.

  5. Your stars are lovely! Can't wait to see Lynne's MODA debut, and also the Blogging etiquette i think it genius....can't wait to read it...

  6. I love those wonky stars. They're so fun and colorful!

  7. Oh my. These are wonderful stars and they make a lovely little quilt! Those dots are so fun! Thanks for the heads-up on the blogging etiquette. I did not know about her blog. I am looking forward to Lynne's debut on Moda. Hugs!

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the blogging etiquette posts, sitting patiently for Sunday to roll around on the other side of the world to see Lynne's debut.
    I love your wonky stars all together, the perle stitches will be amazing, and I love love the name you gave it. I might be picking your brain now for names for my quilts, lol!

  9. What lovely leftovers to play with :). I think some blogging etiquette would be a good thing to learn so thanks for the heads up.

  10. THANKS Rachel for letting people know about my Blog Etiquette week!! :) I've just put the first post up from Angela at Twee cut to pieces tonight a bit early...
    I'm really excited about everyone joining us in this journey - it will be so great to have everyone's feedback during this discussion & hopefully it can help us all out for the greater good!! So thanks again
    (and also well done Lynne!!:) )


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