In Full Bloom

Hello sunshine!!
These lovely Coreopsis flowers are really putting a show on for Spring here in mountains. I guess they are probably classified as a weed but gosh they're so cheery, and pretty as they wave around in the wind.

Down in Sydney's Circular Quay Jacaranda trees are filling the sky with magnificent branches of purple blooms.
The shade of purple is just so right...

...and almost electric when combined with such a verdant green.
I love the way the flowers create big purple carpets underneath the trees.

This Ibis seems to like them too.
One of the things that make Jacarandas special to me is that they flower around my birthday. I couldn't ask for a better gift from Mother Nature. Well, except perhaps the cocoa bean.

In Full Bloom


  1. Jacarandas are favorites of mine too. An amazing display as they line the streets with purple. Happy birthday! I'll enjoy some cocoa bean in honor of your birthday.

  2. Happy Blooming Birthday Rachel!!

    Hope you had a fabulous day, or is it today?
    Thanks for the Jacarandas, I miss them in too cool WF.
    x Mandy

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the jacarandas.

    Have a fantastic birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Make it a good one mate!!!
    I think its gorgeous that you stop and check out the trees and plants everywhere! I love Jacarandas, we had one in my front yard when I was growing up.

  5. Happy Birthday. I love Jacarandas too, such a beautiful colour. Your photos are lovely, especially the birds nest fern, such vibrant colours.

  6. Happy birthday, blessings for the next year to come. We have the yellow flowers all over on the roadside too, they're putting on quite a show and I do love the Jacarandas.

  7. Happy Birthday to you!!! 21 again? XXX

  8. Happy happy birthday wishes, Rachael. Just love those Jacarandah's. Such a wonderfull purple.


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