Delightful Dogwood and Quilts in the Barn

I nearly drove onto the footpath the other day when I saw this stunning tree laden with blossoms.
Dogwood or Cornus florida, An absolute favourite of mine.

The flowers almost look like a bunch of butterflies. Hmm I wonder what IS the collective noun for butterflies?.. wait a minute while I look it up... Okay, there's a few options - rabble, swarm, flight and kaleidoscope. There you go, You learn a new thing every day!

Talking of beautiful things, If you happen to be in Melbourne this coming weekend there'll be lots of amazing quilts to see at the Quilts in the Barn Quilt Exhibition. Believe me if I could zip down I would!!I'd love to see some of Di Ford's quilt's. You can see some on the Threadbare website. If you do have a look check out the one called The Phebe Quilt, it's just amazing! Pop over and have a look at Linda's of Quilts in the Barn blog and you'll get a taste of the stunning quilts that will be on show.
The Secret Sewing Sisterhood and a sausage sizzle!! It all sounds so stupendously super!! Seriously!!
Another photo of Dogwood. So what is catching your eye in gardens at the moment?

Delightful Dogwood and Quilts in the Barn


  1. Catching my eye in the garden? The grass that needs mowing, the leaves that need raking! You're in Melbourne... Have you been to Amitie? Is it amazing???!!!

  2. Grazie per i link, ora vado a vedere

  3. Glorious photos of the Dogwood! I have a ton of apple blossom petals flying around at the moment.

  4. How many wonderful colours in your blog. It's very happy.
    ciao ciao


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