The Super Star quilt is finished!!!

Yippee!!! Yay!!!

I've made it for Gbf who kept saying he wanted a quilt of aliens, robots and alien-robots. You can tell I've had fun collecting all these spacey fabrics.

There's bits of old sheets,
How funny are those googly eyed green guys?! I found them on a site that has vintage pictures printed onto fabric.
And modern fabrics, The red Prints Charming atomic dots really add sparkle!

It even glows in the dark!!
For something different I used polar fleece on the back instead of wadding and backing. I wanted this to be his quilt that he can take when camping, or on bike riding weekends. Something easy to wash! It's cosy and soft to touch and hides my uneven quilting stitches. I was happy when I found fleecy robots!

There's something nice about knowing you've quilted a quilt yourself.
A nice sense of achievement.

All bound and ready to use
For some reason I keep singing "Starry, Starry night, la la la laaa la la laa". Hmm , not quite sure how the lyrics go. I think I'm a better quilter than singer.

The Super Star quilt is finished!!!


  1. That quilt is so much fun, I laughed at the aliens...they are brilliant! Gotta tell you, my boys would kill for that quilt so better make sure it's tied on that bike really tight!
    btw....that's exactly how I sing it it must be right.

  2. He sure is one lucky guy! The quilt is amazling as usual - love it.

  3. Love the quilt. It is seriously way cool cute and I would love to own it myself let alone all the boys who would rave over it.
    Oh and the next line in Starry, starry night,
    Paint your palette blue and grey

  4. There are some awesome vintage style robots and aliens in there! What a fun quilt.
    I accidentally deleted my reading list and I'm catching up a bit now.


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