All Work and No Play...

Excuse me while I have a little daydream of winning the lotto and spending my days sewing, making bread, sewing, blogging, sewing, doing yoga, sewing, bike riding, sewing, exploring our lovely Blue Mountains, sewing and more sewing...bliss... sigh..

Until that happens I have to keep working. Being a florist, there's not many opportunities for full time work locally. To risk sounding like a snob, country flower shops don't have the range of flowers or are as busy as I can get in the city. It's totally understandable, as everyone up here has beautiful gardens full of flowers and nothing is as beautiful as home grown, garden fresh flowers!! So I travel into Sydney everyday to commit floristry. People sometimes ask me about my commute so here's a little post about my trip.

I love our station in Faulconbridge. It was opened in 1877 so has lots of old world charm to it. They repainted the windows and benches last year. They went from dark green to navy blue and bright yellows. Other stations still have dark green trimmings, so I guess we're just lucky.
It sits like an island between two platforms, simply one side goes into town, one comes out..

Some days I go in early and its still dark.

But the daylight hours are getting longer so most mornings we're entertained by breathtaking sunrises.
There's a row of once loved hedges. I like that they're all different sizes and a bit scruffy.

The quaint waiting room.

The painting is of Sir Henry Parkes aka the Father of Federation. He was the guy responsible for making the 6 seperate British self-governing colonies become the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. He lived in Faulconbridge for a while.

The train!! you can spot it in the distance winding down to our station through the hills. It reminds me of a big silver dragon.

Double decker trains!! We usually sit up the top because the view is better. Downstairs can be fun too, like sitting low down in a sports car.
The seats flip forwards and backwards so you can push them to suit the direction your travelling. Or face two towards each other if you in a group of 4.
Our 1.5 hour journey goes surprisingly fast on the way in. It seems a lot slower coming home. We can use the internet on our Iphones or Ipad. We get a lot of reading done. Sip on a tea from our Keep Cup (thanks for the recommendation Mandy!) or just stare out the window and daydream about sewing...

We fly over the mountains

down through the suburbs and into the city

I'm pretty lucky really because after a quick changeover at Central Station, a couple of stops later and this is where I get out...
One of the most beautiful city views in the world!! This photo is taken from the platform of the station. I wonder what visitors to Sydney think when they arrive here and see...
The Sydney Opera House!
and the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
I'll never get tired of that view. From there its just a hop skip and a jump to my shop. And another work day begins.
All Work and No Play...


  1. That spectacular view at the end would make the 1.5 hour trip worthwhile everyday. I used to do the commute from Wollongong to Sydney everyday, and it's so true what you say. Getting there goes by okay but the trip home is soooooooooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Thanks for sharing :-D

  2. From here that journey looks divine, but a little voice at the back of my head keeps saying "3 hours commuting a day!"
    No wonder you go into work and commit vile acts of floristry!

  3. I adore the Blue Mountains. Its one of the things about NSW I missed when I moved back to Vic. Used to do the hour and a half travel to work thing too and the mornings were always the best time. Watching the world wake up and the subtle changes in colour as the sun rises. I will admit to missing the travel but not the travel time!


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